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This is the best cartoon on television right now. Possibly one of the best shows on television period. Deeply layered lore, fully realized characters and some of the most deeply depressing and wholly uplifting storytelling you can find.


The story stars Steven, a young boy with a magical destiny living with three mystic warrior gems, garnet amethyst and pearl, who are slowly trying to help him meet his full potential. They have wildly different personalities and a long history together. His mother Rose Quartz was one of them, their leader, until she met his dad and gave up her physical form to create Steven.


That reads as pretty cookie cutter, but where the show makes itself different is that all of that shit not only happened, but MATTERS. The gems reveal themselves to be lost without her. There's both subtle and overt resentment towards Steven's father over the loss of Rose. Steven himself is an anomaly, a first ever creation and the gems honestly have no clue how to train him. In trying their best they end up supportive almost to the point of condescension, and although he's generally will meaning and full of joy, he isn't an idiot and he picks up on all of it. He plays peacemaker, stumbling his way through learning what he can do and being the leader his family needs him to be even if they never ask it of him.


I honestly can't recommend this show enough. It's a cartoon network show, so there's almost no legal backlog of the now fully aired first season of eleven minute nuggets. Seriously, this series has so many Chekov's guns they could outfit an army. great characters, cool action, and a story I've greatly invested myself in. I was bummed to see a lack of a topic for it.

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C'mon Mal this ain't Drunken Deities. It's 2015, let's have some pizazz.





Now I've never seen this show, so I've no idea if that's a good introductory clip. I may have just spoiled the whole show for everyone and it's all your fault.


For shame Mal.

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Haha, mobile doesn't facilitate much pizzaz, since mobile youtube doesn't let me catch embed links. Plus I like to think people like reading.


The main problem with any clips is that, because the episodes are like eleven minutes each, any clip of length is gonna spoil somethin'! But here's a few.


A moment of Comedy


Steven sings hopefully for something special.


Steven gets his wish


Greg plays some music


Steven's friend Connie comes over and Garnet panics.


It's honestly hard to find moments that don't outright spoil big plot points. Here's one that does, but might not outright kill the momentum of what it mentions.


And no, your clip's good. Highlight's Steven's innocence, the interpersonal relationships among the four characters present, and makes me excited for this week's episode to show just how poorly things could go from there. I swear, this show can turn anything depressing if you let it.

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Caught a few episodes of this out of order, and I guess they were newer ones? I shouldn't have done that. Steven's voice got a lot higher and it completely threw me off and kind of ruined the show for me. I hate that it did that. I'm going to keep watching it because I like the first season alot so far, but his new voice (same actor though?) sounds much more annoying and I don't know if I can keep with the show after that.

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