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Watched the first ep today, and like ASC my only exposure is that Sandman story. But I liked it. It's another police procedural, but with Satan. It's silly and has some cheesy stuff and full of cliches, but entertaining nonetheless. I'll give it a few more episodes.

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Still really liking this. I hope they don't fuck this up and add a shitload of pointless characters or subplots. I like the procedural stuff and the peppering of supernatural shit in each episode. Makes the build up feel more important somehow even though it's not the focus of each ep. This actor is playing the part awesomely.

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Season 2 is here and I'm still on board. It continues to be fun. Distance yourself from the vertigo logo (i know you fanboys can, you beat off over the shit adaptation of izombie) and you can actually enjoy it.


...by shit adaptation i mean literally that. iZombie is a great show in its own right.

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