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so, after pressure from bishopcruz, i just finished season 2/all of Justice League & started Unlimited - i've not yet finished Superman or Batman (saw much of them but not in order, plus i need to tie up Beyond when this is done as well), and...man, this has been a blast.


For one, i didn't think much of John Stewart before, but he really grows on you. Early season 1 stuff had a bit too much deus ex'ing (Superman taken off the board via electricity, etc), but after a bit i learned to dig the format where most episodes didn't feature the whole cast cause hey, they got other solo stuff to do.


My favorite part - and man i wish marvel's animated did this better - was how they'd introduce you to so many heroes/villains, from known to obscure...and in many cases, the origins seemed to be pretty similar to the comics, so in a sense it's almost like the Ultimate DC i'd wanted to see like a decade back, just a really good primer for Metamorpho and others not as easily recognizable.


3 part season finale for Justice League was great (harsh at times, too) and i'm already liking the new additions to Unlimited. Again, after this i'm either gonna work my way back through Batman, Superman, or take bish's advice and try Young Justice.

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It's a damn good show. Totally gonna get it on bluray when it drops in price. I think those Avengers: Mightiest Heroes shows (yeah, both) were also enjoyable. I think at moments, they pulled obscure characters, too - but not at all like what JLA did.


You didn't watch these cartoons back in the day? Are you revisiting them? I marathoned all of JLA last year. It's another world! So enjoyable and rich.


I have Season 1 of Superman and Batman Beyond, and the first 3 Seasons of Batman the Animated Series.


I'm more of a Marvel fan than DC, but the DC animated universe of back in the day was pure gold. I was never interested in Young Justice, personally. I've heard good things, though.

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just finished season 2 of Unlimited...shiiiiiit



that was fantastic - Luthor's long play, the continuity of the Justice Lords as a prophecy of sorts (The QUestion was awesome), that hijacking of their super-laser felt like some Civil War shit...just great overall, and the epilogue really tied up the DCAU with Batman Beyond's secret origin too, like outta nowhere! can't wait to get into season 3.


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they very much are, and you're actually doing it the right way - JL stuff builds on big things that went down in those series, especially the finale for Superman. it's all kinda cumulative, and starts with Bats, so yeah man, keep at it.

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Netflix Currently Reviewing Stats for a Potential Young Justice Season 3


It's happening Young Justice fans...IT'S HAPPENING! CBR and voice actor Khary Payton (Aqualad, Cyborg) are reporting that Netflix is currently looking at the numbers for Young Justice, and if they like what they see...WE WILL GET A 3RD SEASON OF THE SHOW! No joke, that would rank among the top news I could've expected from 2016 on a personal level. If you haven't checked the show out before...get on Netflix now and do it! It counts now more than ever!



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