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almost done with Green Lantern: Emerald Knights...it's great! i dig the anthology style of short stories. animation is top notch, and that's gotta be Nathan Fillion as Hal. also, their powers are totally broken here



boy the Lyla section really makes you feel bad about what hal/parallax did to her in the books


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Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy tease HUSH and A DEATH IN THE FAMILY adaptations.


Are Batman: Hush and A Death in the Family set to be included in the next slate of DC Animated films? That's certainly what Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy seemingly indicated to the audience during their Canada 2016 Fan Expo panel.


During the fan Q&A portion of the event, someone asked what titles were currently in development at Warner Bros. Animation's direct-to-video DC film department, which led Conroy to turn and ask Hamill, "What do you think about Hush?" Naturally, this produced some 'oohs and ahhs' from the audience. However, the crowd went absolutely wild when Hamill then followed up and asked Conroy, "Well, what do you think about A Death In The Family?" Are Conroy and Hamill having a lark with their fans or are animated adaptations of Jeph Loeb's Hush and Jim Starlin's A Death in the Family really in the works?





this scene will be like 20 minutes


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