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...as provided by silent member Morrigan....


NewType (Alex) was talking about this one lately: ADV, known for bringing a great deal of anime stateside (Samurai X, Robotech, Evangelion, etc), looks to seriously attempt "The Anime Network", a 24-hour cable channel of straight, (hopefully?) unedited anime.

Genres include:

The Anime Network™ model is structured around four categorized content areas: Action Zone, Sci-Fi, Comedy Incorrect, and Horror/Martial Arts. These categories are designed to include virtually the entire spectrum of quality anime, while contextualizing content for new viewers unfamiliar with specific titles


The article doesn't say much of censorship or subtitles vs dubbed, but in any event...watching Kenshin now and having some fine series on deck such as Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, GTO, El Hazard etc (courtesy of my good friends Spiffytee, Chi-chan and NewType), I'm realizing more than just the superiority of animation in these titles, but the fact that many are far more interesting than the shitcoms and reality shows were thrown on a nightly basis. An idea like this might actually get me to pay for cable again, if done right.


Here's the link, just click on "News Nov 6th" for details.

The Anime Network


What's everyone think? I'm excited.

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Despite a whopping six views and no replies in our current "ghost town" phase of DD, I'll update here soon as our undercover agent provides info.

Last I'm told, its looking like this channel will start only in Philadelphia, sadly - hopefully itll expand later in the year.

Still no word on cut vs uncut, dubs vs subs, etc, more to come.

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Philadelphia ?!? what the hell? i'd figure california, there's a lot of japanese folk out there.


anyway, sounds like cartoon network has paved the way to anime. kinda makes you think though. is cartoon network really all that popular? by far, people perk to words like "HBO, or SHOWTIME" but cartoon network? It seems like it's gonna be awhile till you start seeing any anime as major icons.... Oh well, I can only hope that the publicity dept does a good job and wish for the best for that new philly channel.

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Wow, someone noticed....ok correction last article i was informed of says its starting in Phily and expanding from there...might take a while to hit miami but Ill try to find out when it does, I'm sure itll be one of those satelite channels for a while until enough people show interest in getting onto regular cable (you oughta round up George, Cedrick & those guys and get some kinda petitoin going when that comes).

Again still no word on editing, format, which series etc...just a 24-hour anime channel.

Fuck, that's gonna be cool.

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Action Zone, Sci-Fi, Comedy Incorrect, and Horror/Martial Arts? Where would Cowboy Bebop fall in the catergorization? Sci-fi I guess. CN is pretty popular. It was only a matter of time before this happened. And having lived in Philly I can tell you there's a big asian and white anime lover community in that area. Don't know how it compared to the West Coast, but it's bigger than in Miami.

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You know, normally those things dont do a while lot (at least the online ones), but ive heard of channels being pushed through because of that in certain areas - Sci-Fi, Cartoon Network, etc. That might not be a bad idea once this thing's been on Direct TV or whatever for a while & gained some popularity.

Cable companies are less & less a monopoly these days, might make it easier to get a cool channel like this one on regular cable.

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I Bring you hope my brothers!


For I have a dream that one day we shall have 2 anime channels for each category mentioned(horror, scifi, martial arts, comedy, etc). One channel each for sub and dub.


Yes, for all anime deserves to be enjoyed in the way the viewer chooses. (Unless the viewer is at my house, in which case they better put on their reading glasses)

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