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Seeing as though Christmas is over, i just wanted to know peoples opinions on this band which have been on the go for 40 years now, and are on their last ever world tour! How Keith Richards is still alive i dunno, how Jagger gets the birds will remain a mystery.


But my sister bought me the 40 Licks - Best of the Rolling Stones, Double CD with 40 Tracks!! Its fucking amazin, the amount of songs i'd heard, but had no idea was the stones was incredible, and they have a good variety as well.


So in short, just let me know what you think, but when the STones tour comes to Ireland this year, i'm going to be there!!


Over to you

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Glad to hear the greatest hits album's good.

I really havent heard much since Voodoo Lounge, but im told theyre incredible live. On that note, its time for some sympathy for the devil.

"Pleased to meet you...I'm a man of wealth and taste..." :D

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I saw the stone back on their Bridges to Babylon tour, and actually worked back stage for them and got payed $100 and got tickets for two nights for only 3 1/2 hours of work. But that's another story (a really good one if you'd like to here about opening act Meredith Brooks being booed off stage and hit in the head with a beer bottle). Anyway, the Stone have incredible energy for their age. Thsi last tour of theirs, they rehearsed over 140 songs before hand so they were ready to play just about whatever they wanted at ever show, and several of the shows had almost entirely different set lists. And by the way, the JOKE about Keith Richards being a living zombie are getting old enough to be living zombies themselves. He's old, let's move on. The 40 licks collection is a great update to the old Hot Rocks compliation, though I don't much care for thier post 75 stuff, but it's all good. SoF, if your CD gets you interestign in exploring more of the Stones, the best four albums are Beggar's Banquet, Let It Bleed, Sticky Fingers and Exile On Main Street. Between the 40 Licks and those four albums you'll have all any normal person could stand of the Stones.

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Love that!!! Class act all the way!!


Seriously Jax, Rengades by Rage Against The Machine is a Kewl Album! Street Fighting Man sounds like its on Anthrax & Speed Combined!!


Q. How did you decide on your sound?


Richards: We flipped a coin.


Q. Is Bill Wyman absolutely retired? Is there any way he could play with you again?


Richards: He could come back as a funeral director.


Short but cool that interview!

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Well it's a partial transcript, but it gets the point across, they don't carter to interviewers by taking every stupid question seriously. If they get asked a stupid question, they given a smartass answer. They have a sense of humor and don't take themselves to seriously. I haven't heard anything off Renegades other than the radio song (Renegades of Funk). Loved the self-titled debut and evil empire was pretty cool too. I'll get around to listening to it sometime then.

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