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CronusMAX Plus: Interchangeable controllers


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So this is fucking awesome




The first thing I did was plug it into my PS4, and attach an Xbox One Elite Controller. In seconds, after connecting a Dualshock 4 to the device to authenticate (read: trick) the session, I swapped in the Elite, and I was booting up Destiny. When using a wired connection, it's amazing how great the latency is -- it's just like using a DS4 natively. Additionally, the Xbox Guide button triggers the PS Button prompts just fine. I had no trouble raiding in King's Fall Hard Mode with the controller, and none of my teammates even noticed the switch until I told them at the very end of the session. Note that if your controller times out you'll have to re-authenticate, but you can turn this option off in the PS4's system menu. You can also circumvent this issue by using a cheap USB hub.

Moving onto other platforms, it works well for PC too. During my tests with the DualShock 4 and Wii U Pro Controller (Xbox is built into Windows so it doesn't require the Cronus anyway) everything was recognized, and I didn't have to authenticate like I did with the PS4. Unfortunately, wireless support for Xbox remotes requires the additional Gaming Receiver device, which is not widely available, and wireless DualShock 4 support needs a compatible Bluetooth dongle. Xbox One remotes will only work wirelessly on Windows 10 with the official device -- for now, at least.


It doesn't work on the Wii U, but it has Wii U pro controller support. God it would be incredible if it did though. I could play Bayonetta 2 with my ps4 controller instead of teh gamepad (Which I don't hate, but it's not ideal)

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