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System Of A Down - Steal This Album!

Reverend Jax

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For those of you that don't know, Steal This Album! isn't a real album. A real album is the best songs from a recording session. All the stuff on this album was recorded during the Toxicity Sessions (see my review of Toxicity here). This is all the stuff that was cut and left out off the album. The songs leaked out onto the internet, so the band decided to release them on a new disc, hence it looking like a burnt Memorex disc.


So clearly, if this is a disc of stuff that was cut from the Toxicity album, you'd be foolish to get your hopes up and expect anything as good as Toxicity. While it is not as good and not as solid as Toxicity, it is a surprisingly great disc, better than the first SOAD disc and much better than any other 'left-overs' discs I'ver heard (Reload, Incesticide, Pisces Iscariot). It has some really incredible gems (Chic 'N' Stu, Boom!, Mr Jack, Ego Brain, just to name a few). I-E-A-I-A-I-O is a great display of Serj's vocal talents, both in speed and African-styleisms. There are really no bad songs here, it's definitely something you can listen to all the way through (I have several times already). You can sing along to about half the songs after just one or two listens.


The only thing that's bothered me about this is that Innervision is the sogn they choose to promot it. While it's not a bad song, it's the least in-your-face song. You can listen to it without paying attention to it. You can't really do that with most SOAD song because of all the time changes and vocal craziness. SOAD is too great to be faded into the background they should release singles that reflect the furosity of their music, not that downplay it. Songs like Chic 'N' Stu might be a might much, but Mr Jack or Ego Brain would have been better choices.


This is a minor complant as it doesn't effect the experience of listening to the whole disc Innervision is a fine song and works well after Chic 'N' Stu. If you liked Toxicity, this collection won't disappoint you.

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Sugar is my favorite SOAD song, but let me list soem fo the songs of Steal This Album! that either come close to and surpass War?, Know and P.L.U.C.K: Chic N' Stu, Bubbles, Boom!, Mr Jack, Ego Brain, Roulette, and Streamline.


I love SOAD's self-titled album, but this disc is just crazy good. With the time since I got it, it's become my favorite SOAD disc, surpassing even the incredible Toxicity. I just enjoy listening to it more.

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You hate Mr Jack? Put your hands up, get out of the car! Put your hands up, get out of the car! Fuck you, pig! Fuck you, pig! Put your hands up, get out of the car! That's one of the best tracks! And let me straighten this out. All the System of a Down discs are great. I personally don't want to bother picking a fight over which is the best because they are all so good, it's a matter of personal preference, like with some of the better Beatles albums. Am I going to argue that Rubber Soul is better than Revolver, or that Abbey Road is better than Sgt Pepper's? No, because they're so good there's no point. I will argue that Master Of Puppets is better than The Black Album, but these SOAD records are each too good to compare to each other to the poitn where we're arguing. I think it's better than the first album, but I'm not about to fight over it.


As for Incesticide, I said it was the best 'left-overs' disc, meaning it's the best relative the material that had already been recorded up to that point. Can Incesticide really compare to Nevermind or Bleach? Not really, but STA does hold it's own compared to the Self-Titled and Toxicity.


On a side note, I've burned a CD of SOAD rarities, b-sides and unreleased tracks not included on STA. The track listing goes as such:






Will They Die 4 You

Shame (with the Wu-Tang Clan)


The Legend Of Zelda




Starlit Eyes




Those are the studio songs I could find.

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That's quite the disc you made there Jax. Did you get their cover of Wu-Tangs "Shame On A Nigga". It's great.


Metro is amazing aswell, and Snowblind. I don't even know where to start.


And seriously if you love System check tese songs out


The Dillinger Escape Plan - Pig Latin

The Dillinger Escape Plan - Hollywood Squares

The Dillinger Escape Plan - When Good Dogs Do Bad Things


All those songs have Mike Patton singing on them. They're amazing

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Yeah, system of a down would probably be labeled numetal or hardcore, death metal is stuff like cannibal corpse, light years apart. Sure, it's nit-picking, but the term "death metal" is pretty specific. Coulda gotten away with "metal" I guess, tho system aint really metal.

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