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M. Night Shyamalan to Revive 'Tales From the Crypt'tales-from-the-crypt-logo-and-keeper.jpg

Tales From the Crypt, the Emmy-nominated horror anthology series that ran for seven seasons on HBO two decades ago, will live again. Filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan has agreed to curate and produce the series reboot for TNT, according to Variety.


The show, which will feature stories culled from the long-running, gory E.C. Comics series as well as new, original stories, will premiere in the fall. It leads a new two-hour block of horror television on the channel.


"To be part of such a beloved brand like Tales From the Crypt, something I grew up watching, and to also have the chance to push the boundaries of genre television as a whole, is an inspiring opportunity that I can't wait to dive into," Shyamalan said in a statement.


TNT has yet to announce what other shows will populate its horror block.


The Sixth Sense and Visit director's most recent foray into television was producing the Fox sci-fi/mystery miniseries Wayward Pines, which, Variety reports, has been renewed for a second season. He directed one episode of the show. Other than that, Shyamalan's only other dalliance with television was playing himself on an episode of Entourage.


Tales From the Crypt premiered on HBO as a half-hour series in June 1989 and ran through the summer of 1996. Viewers embraced it immediately, in part, because of the wide array of actors it featured, with a different cast appearing in each episode. The original run of the series featured appearances by Brad Pitt, Isabella Rossellini, Don Rickles, Dan Aykroyd, Roger Daltrey, Tim Roth and many others. Additionally, Michael J. Fox, Kyle MacLachlan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Hanks and others directed episodes of the series.



Although it never won an Emmy, some of the show's guest actors were nominated. Kirk Douglas, Tim Curry and William Hickey all received nods over the years, in addition to nominations in technical categories.




My IMMEDIATE, visceral reaction to M. Night getting his hands on this


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i know it's been over a decade now, but there was a time when i would've though this a fine fit - M Night was tearing it up with what Junkerseed pointed out as fairly simple/cliche horror themes, especially ones that weren't at the forefront at that time (early aughts).


the last few years, we were at a point where studios seemed to hide his name from stuff - and i haven't really seen him do anything in the time since to warrant changing that. this could be really exciting, but it's hard to be optimistic at the moment. i guess curating & producing's not so bad though?


TL;DR go watch Black Mirror ya'll





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I know I'm overreacting but Tales from the Crypt was one of my favorite shows growing up!! I used to watch it before bed every night! I am holding out hope that "producing and curating" means he won't be injecting his tired ideas into it. Looking forward to seeing who they get to direct some episodes. And what the new Cryptkeeper will look like!

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According to Blood Disgusting he may not even be in it.


While we haven’t confirmed this, our trustworthy insider tells us that the new incarnation of “Tales From the Crypt” will not feature the Crypt Keeper that was voiced by John Kassir because HBO owns the rights. In fact, Kassir himself tweeted, “…Crypt Keeper as we know him is more popular than ever & it’d be a sham/shame not to have him host the show,” furthering suspicions that this is how the series will play out.

Instead, the new show will be highlighted by an old man with a cane, wearing a hood, and keeping warm by a fireplace. This is more in tune with the original EC comic (see below), and even resembles the Old Witch quite a bit.

The Crypt Keeper that we all know and love was created for the HBO series, and has become the spirit of the franchise, but reinventing him isn’t necessarily sacrilegious. With that said, I’m not exactly sure I want to see a fresh take on the character. We saw what happened with Freddy Krueger.

Anyways, here’s where it gets extra meh.

NZA will love this


The original plan, whether it’s changed or not, was to film it “American Horror Story”-style, and have 13 episodes of one storyline per season.
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