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Wait wait wait. Foolkiller, Solo, and Slapstick are getting books but not Terror? FUCK THAT SHIT! Actually, I'm kinda concerned that he's not on the cover for Mercs For Money. Terror doesn't get used enough, I love that weird bastard.


Also isn't Gwen considerably older than Miles? Like, statutory rape older?


LOVE that The Prowler is getting a new series. Maybe they'll do something with him this time (I wish I felt as optimistic about the new Jessica Jones book but with Bendis writing, I just don't know.)


Intrigued by Renew Your Vows. I assume it's going to be another universe deal like Spider-Gwen. They're fucking breaking my heart with MJ right now in Amazing Spider-Man. I guess this'll be like that Lois and Clark book at DC.


Also: Where the fuck is that Death's Head book they teased after Secret Wars?!


Dafuq is Foolkiller?


A killer of fools.

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yeah, Death's Head is nowhere to be seen, far as i know...Renew your Vows is cool too, but with Regent already operating in the regular timeline, it does feel weird


and i'm not sure about gwen/miles, he's about 16 or so since he crossed universes, i know she was an NYU freshman (i wanna say?) so maybe only slightly scandalous


...i totally forget if we have a new guy with the Prowler mantle, the cover seems to imply that

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Meh, Regent is a one-trick pony. If it's just early-00's era stories with my favorite comic book power couple and their precocious daughter then I'm onboard.


Yeah, I'm gonna go ahead and call it weird. Also, they're really leaning heavy on Miles and Kamala Khan having a thing so I find that odd.


As of now, The Prowler is still Hobie Brown, same dude from the 70s but this does seem to indicate a passing of the torch.

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