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Middle schooler Ushio heads down to his basement (where he's told NEVER to go) and finds an ancient tiger-like monster impaled by spear to a wall. After a little back-and-forth, Ushio finally decides to remove the spear freeing said monster, Tora, and inadvertently beginning an adventure to save the world!


With its main theme being friendship, this series has a little bit of everything... that's also metal as fuck.






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Sounds cool enough to check out. I saw a quick clip on youtube - the animation quality of that show looks amazing.


I don't have a lot of access to anime - Netflix has an anime section - but nothing I've ever randomly clicked has blown me away or even kept me interested for more than a couple o' episodes. Not very 'on the pulse' when it comes to anime - but I'm easily impressed w/ that distinct art style...sometimes.


I do wanna check out Berserk - that looks bloody n' action packed.

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So finally finished this. Was gonna post this in my review thread, but I wanted it bump this for people not watching it. I love the art and character designs especially. It's consistently good and engaging. I don't think I ran into a boring episode. Never filler an always important or moving forward. I can see the Berserk comparisons also. Tonally, of course it's nothing like Berserk, but there is something about it that is reminiscent. The series' main villain is legitimately creepy as hell too.



That mirror monster's message at the end give me hope


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