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So, I think that the game Yandere Simulator deserves to have it's own thread here and it seems to have very high potential to be an excellent game. Before I explain about the game, I would have to explain the word Yandere.


Yandere is a portmanteau of the word Yanderu, meaning Mental Illness, and Deredere, meaning Showing Affection, both Japanese Words. Essentially, it's someone who loves someone to the point that they would murder someone for that person.


With that being said, Yandere Simulator allows you to play a Yandere called Ayano Aishi, who is an emotionless girl who has gone her whole life in solitude until she notices her "Senpai." From there, she becomes determined to win his love, but she has to eliminate all the girls that love him.


The game runs in a span of ten 5-day weeks, where Yandere-Chan (As her nickname is) has to find a way to prevent the girl that loves Senpai from confessing her love on Friday afternoon.


The game is supposed to be a stealth-based game where you have to eliminate someone without getting caught by any other student, teacher or Senpai himself.


The game has been in development for about 2 1/2 Years now, but the Developer, named Yan-dev, allows the game to be played as a debug sandbox game where you can test the features he places in.


The game is currently in the stage where the first rival is being implemented, which is named Osana Najimi, who is Senpai's childhood friend (Osananajimi is literally "Childhood Friend" in Japanese).


The game also has several "Easter Eggs" which allows players to enjoy a few fun features while the game is in development. Some Easter Eggs include One Punch Man, Captain Falcon, Slenderman, Hitman (The recent update allows you to play a "Hitman"-like mini game where you have to eliminate a student with certain objectives) and a few others.


If you like the idea of this game, feel free to get it here: https://yanderedev.wordpress.com/downloads/


I will give a note to the link, you would need a well functioning computer to play it well. I played it a while back on my computer (Which is from 2011), and it ended up playing at 3 Frames Per Second. So keep in mind the game may be experience lag.


I will be posting here every time there is an update or just to talk about the game.

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Changed panties


Went school


Murdered 4 people with screwdriver


Expelled on 1st day


What do?


If you want to have genuine fun, go to the music room, pray to the turtle, switch on sanity animations, get katana or electric saw, and enjoy violently murdering students with gruesome ways.

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