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Shit Anime and Why I Hate Them

Da Cap'n 2099

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oh we're doing this for real?


Van Helsing - was alright but ended like butt, i really should've stuck with the OAV's


FLCL - just kinda wasted my time, and not in a fun way. see also: dead leaves & the dirty ground, when i know you're not arouuuuund


i more didn't care for these than hated them, though

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The Hellsing TV series that ended with that weird vamp named Incognito was a total mess. The reason for it was that the Anime was made before the Manga had even gotten half-way to finished... the anime tv show was making it up as they were going along, like Lost. The Hellsing Ultimate OVAs are far more faithful to the manga and are very decent, and they have Nazi Vampires! If you Youtube 'Hellsing Ultimate Abridged' you will be rewarded with an even better version too. And yeah, "Ninja Resurrection" had nothing to do with the award winning Ninja scroll and was just marketing by the American distributor because the main characters of each of those animes were based on the same historical character,Yagyū Jūbei Mitsuyoshi.


The shit anime that will always be dear to my heart was the first true anime that I ever saw, uncut and subtitled. Harmagedon: The Great Battle with Genma. It was total shit, completely psychedelic and so alien that I was intrigued as to what the hell kind of section I had wandered into in my local independent video rental store... I next rented their copies of Bubblegum Crisis and was hooked, saw the contact info for Animego after the credits and sent away for their catalogue and the rest is history... I had officially fallen into the world of real anime and not some American re-cut or dialogue changing dub for western TV, it was 1993.

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