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Ok, me & Chiefy have been known to have lyrical battles here & there, one guy gives a line, the other has to follow with the next...it's much easier since we keep it to old-school rap, but that's not popular round these parts. Though i appreciate our diversity, our lyric games often end in "You dont know the doors?" "you dont know Molly Ringwald's monkey? Fucking yanks!" and such, so im tryin a spin on it.


The idea is: I start with a lyric. Next person follows with something logical...not necessarily an answer to a quetion or something, but something relevant. For instance:


person 1: "I'm...an...American badass!" - Kid Rock, American Badass


person 2: "Man, shut the fuck up!" - Method Man & Limp, N 2 Gether now


...follow? Like a conversation is taking place, one poster to another, but using music lyrics only, and cite them just so we know they aint made up - can come from any band & such, of course, just keep the chain of relevancy. This could get interesting if done right. Think of it like a much smaller, musical version of our "Rollin' on: ongoing creative story" thread, may it rest in peace. Here goes:


"So, i came to her room, and opened the door...aw, snap! Guess what I saw?"

- Biz Markie, Just a friend


(if you really really need to, maybe you could improvise a word or two like in word association, i dunno)

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