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Soul Calibur II


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Finally, we're getting word of the console release of this well anticipated game. It's looking great (mind you, the soul calibur game looked just as good.) This time, with a few additions. actually a lot more additions. there should be a quest mode for 200+ weapons, which are reminicent of soul edge, the very first part of this series, which was realased on the playstation.


Here's the part that everyone wants to hear.......


Namco has officially announced the lineup of guest characters that will be appearing in the individual console versions of Soul Calibur II. Link from The Legend of Zelda series will be appearing in the GameCube version of the game, while a bare-fisted Heihachi from the Tekken series and Todd McFarlane's Spawn will appear in the PlayStation 2 and Xbox versions respectively.


While the x-box's spawn is definatly by far the coolest.... (check out these pics!!!)




I believe the best controller to use in a fighting game would be the playstation2's.

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Maybe but i havent fought with a Gamecube controller yet so i cant say.

Cool, so each console gets a hidden character...Spawn mightve been fun if they use his chians & such (pictures dont wanna load for me) but how can you say he's cooler than Link? Maybe too many ass-whoopings with him in Smash Bros got you biased. :link:


Tim posts some of the Spawn/Hiehachi/Link pics when you can, videogames.com hates me for some reason. Oh, any good Mitsurugi pics?

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Some updates:


Penny Arcade's views on which version to buy -


First of all you are going to want it to look good, so that rules out the PS2. Second, Spawn is retarded so that rules out the Xbox. Third, Link rocks so that means you need the GC version.


Also, due to popular demand, there's a big online petiton (those things always get shit done!) to get the infamous Cardboard Tube Samurai as a playable character in one of the versions...


Click here to be politcally active and represent cardboard-tube samurais everywhere

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Ok, Soul Calibur 2. I don't know about everyone else here but I've been waiting for this for one too long.


First, came Soul Edge. Nice game, nice engine, original, everything great.


Then came Soul Calibur. Althogh you couldn't select which weapon you wanted to use (each with it's own advantage/disadvantage) and it didn't have story mode, the graphics and new gameplay was just amazing.


Now, Soul Calibur 2 is coming. This one will have new characters, new levels (some where no Ring Outs are possible), and you will be able to select from a bunch of weapons.

I don't know about everyone else here, but I have personally waited for this one for a while now. And I hope it's ben worth the wait. :D








Tell me these screen-shots don't look great.

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since Unidentified Source has a post on soul calibur II, i decided to give this thread a bump... lots of good stuff here.


man, it's so pissing me off that each system has a different final character. i really like the link and spawn. damn temco.... what a marketing strategy though.... reminds me of that damn blue/red pokemon gameboy bullshit, where if you bought both cartriges only then would you get extra, secret characters... damn nintendo.. still. didn't imagine it would go this far to span systems...


i still think spawn a cooler character in general. mabye cause he's more violent?

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Ivy? IVY!


That cheap bitch is back? WTF? Tim, how many blowjpbs did you give the programming staff to put her uselss ass back in there?


Could you post a list of all the characters (hidden and given)?

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Here is the PS2 character select screen. Just replcae Hiehachi with Link/Spawn and I'm pretty sure you've got the other system's character select screens. BTW, The Necrid character (the one with the circular flame in his stomach) was designed by Todd McFarlene.


These are the characters that will be in the lineup:

Hwang Sung Kyung

Siegfried Schtauffen

Isabella Valentine (Ivy)

Heishiro Mitsurugi






Cassandra Alexandra (New character, Sophitia's younger sister)

Tarim (New character)

Hon Yun Tsun (New character)


Rafael (New character)

[Where is Rock?]


Here is the PS2 character select screen:




Aside from main characters, these will be the secret characters:




Lizard Man

Seung Mena


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Namco and EB Games prepare Soul Calibur II event

» Be rested and ready come midnight August 25.

News | Saturday, August 23, 2003 | Jeff Brown [staff Writer]


New York fighting fans, prepare for a tale of souls and swords, eternally retold...


Easily one of the most anticipated titles of 2003, what with its cross-platform release as well as an unprecedented amount of hype and promotion, Soul Calibur II is looking to follow the success of its Dreamcast predecessor with ease. Set for an August 26 release, Namco's latest installment of their weapons-based fighter will be available for play prior to release for those New Yorkers willing to miss out on a few hours of sleep.


Namco, along with EB Games, will hold a special release event in New York's Union Square at 10pm, August 25. Those who attend will be able to play each version of Namco's fighter via numerous kiosks set up in the Union Square EB Games store. Attendees who pre-ordered their copy of Soul Calibur II will be able to purchase once the clock strikes 12:01.

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Spaw = power to make pretty but sucky comics, over-merchandise, and bad movies.

Link = Dress like a fairy, yet still be a badass with a blade, save the world like its a hobby, and generally be cool like that.

Peach = Mario's primary Ho if Daisy aint around.


Master Sword vs some bad S&M chains...bring that shit! but wait lemme practice first

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Yeah, I'm going with link too. Especially since when you unlock his alternate weapon, it's the bug catching net from link to the past. I'm way too much of a fanboy to miss that. Plus I sure as hell aint getting it on PS2 with heihachi and I aint buyin a shit box for spawn, who, as a fighting game character with an axe, sounds kinda cool.

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I don't care if link whips out the biggest sword ever seen in a video game, he's still a wuss. Especially after that whole windwaker crap. That was the day I stopped pre ordering zelda games. And yes peach could hand link's ass to him. And what about fighting with a bug catching net? Yeah, link really has me shaking in my boots. please :D

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Alright, make no mistake, link is not there to intimidate you. He's not supposed to look or come off as a badass. He's your typical small time underdog whoe become a big hero. To say link sucks would be like saying that Frodo in LotR sucks or something like that. He doesn't hack your arm or leg off and beat you with it. He's what I like to call a "likeable character." Spawn is an antihero, all dark and stuff, and that's certainly the fashionable thing to be these days, but link is just an old fashioned hero that saves a princess on a regular basis. If all you want is a guy that looks bvig and mean you wouldn't care who the extra character is, you'd just pick asteroth every time or something.

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Aw, christ - youre one of the guys who judged Wind Waker without even playing it, right? "Its cel-shaed, its different, get it away..!" - thats a shame, but your loss man. As for Spawny-guy, yeah he looks cool for the part, but i thought we were talkin substance over style here, ne'ermind...

Either way, Junker's right, Hiehachi's kind of lame here, id think..

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Heihachi is actually a very good character, he just doesn't fit in with the cast of characters or the Soul Calibur world, as Link doesn't either. I thought that Spawn fit in very wbell though. Either way, the game is wonderful and I'm glad that they didn't try to change too much aside from adding some moves to the old characters and a few other tweaks.

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I dunno, i think since Link got the realistic treatment instead of cel-shaded, he fit, but i admit im mad biased. He's got a ton of moves, and thought slightly slower than the ninja ho's, he's a very solid character. I havent played as Spawn yet, curious to see how he moves.

Man, this one's a blast...doesnt bring anything new to the table at all, mind you, but the story/adventure/get all the weapons mode is fun, reminds me of Tobal 2. Still havnet opened up one of the characters, tho...

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