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So I signed Katherine and I up for the moviepass. It's 10 bucks a month per person and gives you access to one movie per day. I figure we go to the movies alot, and if during a busy month, we catch 3 movies. For both of us we can pay 20 bucks a month for 60 dollars worth of movies. PLUS being able to check out others we may not be interested in otherwise risk free. I'm surprised it hasn't gotten more popular, but it really is for people that really like going to the movies.

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yeah ive been seeing this & thinking: if you go to the movies often enough, it sounds like a great deal. i tend to go every few months for a marvel film or something that really stands out like Get Out, so not super regular myself...but if i was, i'd be all over this

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Movie pass is FUCKED

Limiting users to 3 movies a month




They are uncancelling accounts.




If you tapped the “More Details” link, you arrived at this page, which details the updates to MoviePass’s plan, including the shift from an unlimited number of movies per month for $9.95 to just three movies per month for the same price. That plan is set to take effect on August 15.

But if you then tapped the “I Accept” button — there’s no other clear option — it turns out you weren’t just able to continue using the app to see your account details or snag a ticket to Fallout or Slenderman. You also canceled your cancellation.





In the final paragraph of the email is a statement that “If you had previously requested cancellation prior to opting-in, your opt-in to the new plan will take priority and your account will not be cancelled.”

In other words, if you canceled your plan but later tapped the “I Accept” button below MoviePass’s in-app description of its latest updates, your cancellation was canceled.



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On 8/14/2018 at 1:35 PM, Axels said:

Movie pass is FUCKED . . .

. . .They are uncancelling accounts.

Yeah, I cancelled it a week ago then got an email saying "Thanks for renewing your account!" WTF!? After reading about what they did I kind of understood it because they did change the terms last minute--which is something they do often, and why I cancelled. Moviepass in June & July were a dream. I had my three favorite theaters on board and saw about 20 film for $20! Then August came around and two theaters quit the program and the random "blackouts" started. I checked times for a film, drove to the theater, and when I went to check in @ the theater the film was no longer available! After this happened a second time I canceled the service. Now they've at least got a set schedule on the website for the week. Eh. I'll give it a go for another month for $10. I'll see at least two films (Alpha & Mile 22 probably). And I might even get a third in there.


On 8/15/2018 at 1:14 AM, FireDownBelow said:

Perhaps because even if you pay for it, you're still subject to ads, thus limiting who might one to pay for it. Also, the interface is crap and the selection is meh at best. I keep it because it complements Netflix.

I got Hulu ad free this year and watch it more than Netflix. I still need to watch Handmaid's Tale S2 and jump in on Castle Rock.

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