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  1. Season 3 is so different and personally way better for my tastes. Y'all give this one a shot if you haven't yet!
  2. What a twist!! ? Honestly, it has me so back in when I was almost jumping off...
  3. After seeing his show here in fort worth this makes sense now lol. Basically a music video version of his "superflat" art style and commentary on the east meets west capitalism and consumerism that's all the rage! That's a fun one ?
  4. I'm so pumped for this! I loved the short story/poem format. I hope they don't get too story driven and can stay true to the feelings of the originals.
  5. I'm hoping the over the top Netflix budget options doesn't overshadow the comedy aspect. IDK why, but illustrated dicks seems more fun to me versus literally poisoning a whole school. The educator mindset may have ruined this one for me already ??? Still, I'll give it a shot!
  6. I'm enjoying it as a "non-King" reader who may miss the references! Just to the edge of suspense that I can handle (and i couldn't do breaking bad after about 3 seasons lol). Though i would also prefer the whole season at once.
  7. Yeesh. Makes you wonder how Netflix/Hulu and the like make it work...
  8. So in my interview I was asked about Kaachan being so angry, and I've thought more about it:
  9. I'm hopping on that Disney streaming POST HASTE as long as it doesn't cost a ridiculous subscription. Really hoping for the classics on there, I haven't been able to watch 101 Dalmations since the 90s it feels like ?
  10. But which character should I select to be most effective with my button mashing technique? ???
  11. You can tell a lot of "don't know much about storytelling but I know a lot about making money" people had their hands on this one. Inconsistent target audience bouncing between kids, millennials who were raised on the original Jurassic Parks, and adults looking to get scared. For the next one, I would love to see a major shakeup. Point of view from the dinosaur the who movie, new cast, and an attempt to STOP MAKING HYBRIDS the center plot point of some kind ?
  12. I would love to see them "spice up" a version of what megacity crime looks like in the future. Seems like they usually take current trends and apply flashy and fun technology to them like in Altered Carbon (which I liked btw). I think this show will have some good opportunities to discuss the future of law enforcement and get folks thinking.
  13. I'm jazzed for season two with this info! I tried reading the book but couldn't finish. Probably just the format so ill attempt audiobook next. Lots of changes that I saw between the two mediums, but I enjoyed both overall!
  14. @FireDownBelow for sure. I like that they can take risks with the streaming format. Lots of stand up specials and other shows I would've never seen in the cable format, in addition to the original content. Between Netflix and Hulu I don't really feel like I missing out on much!
  15. Ok, I am pumped for this for a variety of reasons: A) Please see the name. B) Daria was my nickname in high school from a disposition standpoint C) Despite a couple topics and the absence of major technology, the show has aged well and is still pretty relatable. If they keep a similar voice and format it'll be tough to mess up. To see Jodie in the title rather than the usual duo of Daria and Jane gave me a tummy ache. Still, the more I think about it, the more it makes sense and is the potential for some great stuff. Daria and Jodie were always quite similar
  16. I've liked what Netflix has done, for the most part, on original series. We'll try it out when it comes along!
  17. Deku is like literally narrating from his perspective for 85% of the time. He's definitely the main character. This would require a calm enough puppy Warlock who isn't killing out furniture and using his sister as a chew toy, AND a nearly senior Lucy to not be sleeping ?
  18. Almost daily I wake up with Childish Gambino's "This is America" in my head since I first heard it. I've listened around to some other songs by him on youtube red since, but nothing quite connects like that track.
  19. This show is the newest franchise to capture all the attention of our household. I really dig the writing, animation and feel really engaged (even during the filler stuff lol). Can't wait for season 3 that we just started!
  20. They are french toast, though now I'm TOTALLY inspired to make them a sandwich with bananas and strawberries in them! I guess I should probably label what everything is... might be just slightly helpful... Meal 1- French toast, chicken breakfast sausage and strawberries/bananas Meal 2- Peanut butter and oats protein bites Meal 3- Chicken burrito bowl Meal 4- Shake with an apple Meal 5- Cleaned up Gumbo Meal 6- Peanut butter bombs with homemade coating of cocoa and coconut oil Hopefully that helps identify the pictures!
  21. I'm a little weird and eat the same thing every day for a week. It's like Steve Jobs wearing the same outfit every day: one less thing to thing about for me lol. And I plan for my cravings so I'm basically eating my most recent favorite food every day and it's kind of awesome for my emotional eating habits because I FEEL like I'm getting what I want, but I made it myself and it's healthier than getting it through the drive thru. I say that to encourage looking around my new and old stuff sometime, because I eat drastically different food from week to week since I eat the same thing for 7 days
  22. Happy new year y'all! I'm back with some more meal prepping stuff, and I would LIKE to post weekly for 2017 for at least an excuse to get back on, look around a bit, and make connecting with other people more of a habit Here is my food this week: If you like the pretty picture collages with all the macros and stuff check out my instagram account for this year (@katscolorfulkitchen)!
  23. Facebook has my albums from all my preps this year, so feel free to add me (that goes for anyone reading!) Pinterest (www.pinterest.com/kaththegladiator) has all my recipes I start with for about a year and a half now, but I do change them a lot for my nutrition plan. Since K already shared out my IG (totally fine with, I've just been busy each evening which is weird lately) I should probably go ahead and mention I have been on a weight loss journey since Summer of 2013, and since then I have lost 100 lbs. I have actually maintained the loss for 6 months now, so I think it's here to stay lol.
  24. Little changes that you can stick with consistently will add up in the long run! I think I have had maybe 2 sodas so far this calendar year, and I'm finally to the point I don't crave or "can't live without them" after like 3 years of trying to give them up. Keep up the great work, I would love to hear more about how you are doing with your positive changes
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