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This one just sort of surprised the hell out of me. Nowadays I see another fuckin cop movie and I sort of cringe. They're getting formulaic and boring nowadays. Narc is one hell of an exception. Stylish, well-written, perfectly acted, this is one of the better cop flicks I've seen.


I'm not gonna bother giving away any of the plot details, but it centers around two cops investigating another cop's death. I guess that sounds boring, and it sounded boring to me too, but it's fucking great, the plot twists and turns all over the place and really just sucks you into figuring out exactly what happened. It gets to be a bit of a mindfuck. Just a terrific script. Only parts I didnt like dealt with the typical "wife doesnt want cop to go into the field" shit, but those were only a few scenes. The acting is absolutely spot-on. Ray Liotta is just mean as hell, you're never sure of what he's capable of doing. Jason Patrick acts suitably tormented and confused, and we even get an unexpected appearence by Busta Rhymes. He does a fine job, I didn't even know it was him untill like 15 minutes into his part. The direction was realy stylish, maybe a tad overdone in a couple of parts, but all around just great. Most of the movie is handheld, but some of the best handheld stuff I've ever seen, especially the opening chase scene. Gives it a "cops" sort of feel of course, and it generally just sticks you right in there.


So, if you think the cop genre has been sucking lately (with the exception of training day, I guess), watch this movie.

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No, Narc isn't that much like the bad lieutenant. There's the issue of cops getting to far into stu and becoming messed up themselves, but that's not the main plot at all. Very different.


Oh, and at least Bad Boys was funny, now National Security just looks like one big load of shit. Martin Lawrence must be stopped. Put him back in a fucking sitcom!

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