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Plagued: Axels Comic Thingy


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So as some of you know, because I won't shut up about it, I've finished my first chapter of this comic I'm working on. (It's in the blogs if anyone wants to check it out.) I was gonna keep updates relegated to that blog, but I wanna use this space for other stuff. Mainly advice and recruitment.


Oh yes, I would like some help please. Not much, but I do have a job for anyone willing to take it. Right now I'm sketching out a design for the cover of my first "issue". I need someone to design a font/title design for me. I'm no good with arting up words. Just something I can cut and paste on top of the cover page that I can easily recolor when need be. I just need it to say Plagued, or Plagued! with an exclamation point. Some ideas I have go like this:


1. A sort of retro, horror typeface. Like the old Night of the Living dead logo. 


2. Something fancier, that looks gothic. Not cursive, but more rigid. Maybe like a chiseled look. 


I'm open to other ideas too, and would accept any help! I can't offer much other than my thanks and a credit wherever I end up posting this. Right now I have the first issued up on this wordpress. I'm thinking of trying out Squarespace too, and eventually submitting to Comixology to go more legit (Thanks Logan). 


Thanks for the kind words for those that have read it so far also! I hope to make it better and better as I go. It's a slow process, but very rewarding. Sorry if this gets too self indulgent, just riding the creative high and trying ot keep it afloat!

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Got my part 2 intro written out, and here's a proper cover for it.





I made the mistake of not writing as I was making part 1. I need to just keep writing and writing to stay ahead of the curve so I can keep cranking them out. 

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