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for all the live performances that i've gone to, most of them kicked ass... then again, some weren't so great... my favorite live performance has to be a toss up between The Used or Finch...


i saw both bands on tour earlier last year... they were mainly so kick ass cause i was front row middle for both performances... not only that, but i got the chance to meet both of the bands and kick it with their band for a while after the show. the whole tour in general was great cause i got to meet a bunch of different members from a lot of my favorite bands... it was cool to just see them walking around and talk to them....


the used though, that was classic. this was their first time touring and nobody really knew who they were so there were about 30 or so people actually watching them, since everyone was at the next stage watching thursday perform... anyways, that was one raw ass show just cause they totally rocked out and it was just simply awesome...


the worst performance by far that i've seen has to be hands down blink 182... my freshmen year i thought'd it be really cool to go to this concert, cause i was really into pennywise at the time and they were performing as an opening act for blink 182... well anyways when we got there we found out that they were thrown off the tour, and replaced with another fairly new band at the time called sum 41. yes, so in general, it was a pretty sad performance... they don't get into it and the vocals and instruments sounded horrible... much to say, we left early but it took us so long to find the car that we didn't end up leaving until everyone else did.... ugh....


on that note... that reminds me that i stilll have to see pennywise one of these days...

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The signle greatest live preformance I've ever seen, without any doubt, was the D. Tenacious D. Saw they live Memorial Day weekend 2001, that was 4 months before their album was released. It was a big show up in DC called HFStevial, called so because it's put together by local rock station WHFS. For the Miami folk, it's the equivilant of bonzai. I went for Live, Green Day and Incubus. Plus, I figured I'd check out all these bands that I'd only heard the singles of (Fuel, Lifehouse, SR-71, Three Doors Down, Sevendust, The Cult, I intended to see Fatboy Slim, but that was the last act and I had been there since before noon and he wasn't on until was after midnight). Anyway, Tenacious D was basically the only band I hadn't even heard of, which surprised me, because the bands were on stage in order of popularity and the D was right between 3 Doors Down and Incubus. I found out by talking to a few people that there were very few people that had heard of Tenacious D, and the few that had, swore by the D and said they were the reason they came to the show. Anyway, experiencing the D for the first time as a live experience is something few will ever know. I have no idea what to expected, yet to overweight guys with aucostic guitars wasn't what I expected at all. It was truely a magical experience.


Runner-ups include Live, Green Day, Catch 22, the Stones, Dream Theater, and Clashing Plaid (a very very very very local band from New Hope, PA, where I went to high school).

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Well there have been some amazing live gigs that i have been to.


Oasis - Just Last Week

Idlewild - february just gone

Witnness - Last year, including green day, foo fighters, Oasis, prodigy

Slane - Nickelback, Verve in 98,


So hard to pick one! there all good, but the one i was most wound up for was definately prodigy at witnness last year.


Click here to hear me rant about those lovable mancunians - Oasis

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:D I've never seen a live rock show....!




Still, my university did have an old blues guitarist drop by for a lunchtime show once. He had an acoustic guitar and there were maybe 100 of us at the most in the audience at the GC Pit (lotsa people coming and going).


This guy sang with a great deep emotion and took time between songs to tell us about Chicago blues and delta blues and what it was like for him growing up. His real art was storytelling, both in his music and his relationship with the audience.


I had been interested in the Blues before that show from a history-of-rock point of view. After that, though, I couldn't get enough of the stuff.

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