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Battle of the Jessicas


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'Twas the idea. I had to go through hundreds of pics of them to find a pose similar enough for comparison. Hundreds! It was soooo much work! Imagine having to go through and look at hundreds of pics of Jessica Biel and Jessica Alba. Can you imagine? [/sarcasm]

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If you got a copy of the videotape there's a few dirty things put in by the animators that might interest you. Supposedly this happened quite a bit (animators'd get bored and put in a frame of smut every now and again) and there's a Snow White with lotsa pink somewhere. Doubt that'll float anyone's boat though...unless they're into that kinda thing...


I'm just waiting to see Lilo blow Stitch...

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Y'know I only thought about the L&S thing after I posted it (the age of the main protaganist etc) and was gonna change it but decided to fuck it. Let's just say that this happens in uh...the future...yeah that's right, the future and Lilo is a fully developed woman and of age.


Well I 'spose it beats talking about the little Mermaid. I mean, who wants to fuck a girl who talks to her crabs...


:D MUST STOP :D PER.. :D ...VER... :D ...SIONS...

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Guest Yahve

Biel all teh way. That and its a shitty picture of her. So hot its painful.


the rest are all cuties.


But, doesnt anyone see that J Simpson has a MAN's chin ???? (sienfield reference, anyone.... anyone....)

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mmmm...she sure looks good alright...

Did you ever see her in "Flipper". She spent the show walking around in a bikini. Twas quite sweet. Some great storylines too. Alba gets lost at sea...flipper comes to help her. Alba is drowning...flipper comes to help her. Alba runs out of toilet-paper...flpper comes to help her.

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