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The Ultimate Battle

Who's the Best Baldwin?  

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"Honesty. You just try to be truthful. If you are passionate and truthful, you find success. There are a more people who have lasted forever as actors earlier because films used to be character driven and now they are mostly plot driven. Much of the most delicate work being done today is on television. It often has the best acting because of their ability to be truthful.

- Alec Baldwin on his success in the movie world -




"I haven't 'gone Hollywood' yet, in the ugliest sense of the term - like move to Bel Air, forget about friends, treat people like shit."

- Billy Baldwin -




"The machine that is the movie business can care less if Stephen Baldwin drops dead of drug abuse and alcohol. In fact, this business absolutely encourages that kind of behavior."

-Stephen Baldwin -




"I tell people, 'If you really want me to look that good, why don't you cough up about two million more and hire Alec or Billy? If you want me to do it, this is what you get.'"

- Daniel Baldwin on people who want him to trim down for movies -




"I fucking hate it when me boxers go right up the crack of me arse."

- 2track Baldwin -

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I think Pauly Shore has made better better movies than The Usual Suspects. He is a genius. I mean - Encino Man (wow), Son in Law (breathtaking), In the Army Now (spellbinding). He will be appreciated after he is gone. :P


Hey Schuller Bob, I checked out your site the other day. That's some pretty pimping shit ya got going on there. Keep up the good work chap.

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Always wondered how some of those movies got the reviews they put on the posters. "Two thumbs up!" - Ebert and Roeper. But you know what they really said was probably "Well, we wish we could give it two thumbs up, but it's just too horrible of a movie."


Or in the case of In the Army Now the quote was actually "two thumbs up Pauly Shore's ass!"

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My favorite quote came from the BBC's film reviewer Jonathan Ross who said of "Batman and Robin" - "THE GREATEST FILM OF ALL TIME" (or words to that effect). "My God", you say "what was this guy thinking?!". Well..as it turns out he made a bet with another reviewer over who could get their name on a movie poster with the highest gross and with no other good words for Joel Schumacher's 'classic', Ross won.

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How am i supposed to think about mundane battles like this one, when things that really matter are going on overseas nearby?




Its like asking to choose which side of my heart should be broken. Go on, 2T, you decide...and callously throw the other away... :crying:

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