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Star Wars Trilogy

Put them in your order of favorite to least favorite.  

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1)Empire - the best of all the movies and the one to make it on my list of best movies of all time. Strange that the one Lucas had the least input in was the best...It also intoduced Lando and you can never have enough scoundrals. The Leah/Han screwball stuff is great too...and who could for get "I love you" "I know". Smooth like dat. Cool like dat. *****/*****


2)ANH - I'd say this'll getta lotta votes. Alot of my friends think this one's the goods. It is fucking great. The bit at the end when Han flies in in the Millenium Falcoln - wow. But it just doesn't hold up next to Empire. Alec Guiness is brilliant in it and it isn't talked about much. ****/*****


3)ROTJ - Bah. Not enough Han. Lucas shoulda killed him off like Harrison Ford asked. Ewoks sure piss me off too, but then if it wasn't for the Ewoks we'd never have Warwick Davis and the Leprachaun Movie series. Still a good movie but more of a ***/*****.

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I'm agreeing with everybody else. Empire was the better movie. It had more emotion, more humor, more Han, and probably the biggest surprise movie revelation ever.


As for the other two, we all know how great the first Star Wars was. Jedi, however, just did everything the first movie did...and but A New Hope did them better. Plus, Ewoks were annoying. And am I the only one who thinks Luke was a much more interesting character back when he was a farmboy, as opposed to an all-powerful Jedi?

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All the reasons you listed for Emire beign the best are all good, but you forgot these great reasons:


1)Yoda! Come on, he rules! He makes an appearance in ROTJ, but basicly just to die.

2) The moment of truth - "No Luke, I...am your father!" It's been so cliched, but it's still an incredible moment. And imagine having seen that in theaters for the first time without it beign a cliche yet. It would have surely blown me away. Dispite the cliche, it's still among the high points of the trilogy.

3) As Dante Hicks said, "It ends on such a down note...that's what life is, a series of down endings." It really leaves you feeling hopeless for the rebellion. As Lucas said, that's how the second act in a three act play should be. Hope the Matrix Reloaded does the same.


I want to take this moment to say that while I vote for Jedi to be third, I still love that movie. Jabba the Hut was awesome. The battle of Endor rocked too. Ewoks aren't my favorite, but it's easily forgivable. Jedi didn't live up to the high expectations, but the bar had been set really fucking high. It beats the shit out of Menace and Clones.

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Well, I'm going with the popular choice.


Empire is the best for lots of reasons, most mentioned. Yoda is cool as hell, I hate him in the prequels, he's so overdone he's a fucking parody of himself. And the ending is fucking nuts, the big scene is one of the most classic movie moments ever.

Also, one of the biggest reasons Star Wars got so huge is that it's a mishmash of 3 of the coolest action elements you can have, Dogfights, Swordfights, and Shootouts. SW combined the cowboy movie, the samurai movie and the WW2 dogfight movie perfectly, so I think it's cool for a lot of the reasons the Matrix is cool, good mix of elements from other stuff. And I think Empire has the best mix of Dogfighting, Saber fighting and shootouts. But Empire is simply the best movie, the characters really take shape and the series really starts to look like an epic in this one.

A new hope rocks. No big flaws, it's just not as good as Empire, amazing dogfights at the end.

And Jedi is a fine movie. A couple of flaws. And I like the Ewoks dammit! Sure, I think they overdid their cuteness... like they didnt need to sing, but I think that they were cool. Also, the "Second death star" thing is kinda lame. They could come up with some better shit than that. "There's.... um..... ANOTHER... death star....!"

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