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Who is your faviorate Justice League Hero?  

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Hey Wonder Woman's hot. I've always like GL. But I dunno which I liked better - Kyle or Hal. Jax is right, this is tough if you don't specify which. Hell, even Batman was a different person at one time (though I don't think AzBats would have ever cooperated with the Justice League).

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What? No Wonder Twins? Wait, that's Super Friends, not Justice League. Never mind. It depends on which Flash, which Green Lantern, even which Superman (god how I hated that electric blue and electric red Superman!). I'll have to think about it.


Fuck you Jack'sMeanderingThoughts! Red has feelings you know. Hate on Blue all you like, Blue deserves it. Red has ever been a friend of Smoothie King. To wit: You know that kid who was putting the kiwi fruits up his arse before he'd make a Smoothie? You don't do you? That's Red's intervention right there. Red deals with things Jax's innocent eyes shouldn't see. To keep the freshness you see?


And this is how you repay Red?! THERE!! You feel that instant second of pressure on your calf muscle? That was Red giving you a Kryptonian dead-leg at super-speed. Of course Red pulled his punch 'cause when he tried that with Lois, Red liquified her leg & the shock travelled up to her... Uhrr. Well suffice it to say Red is no longer welcome to the Kent household as Clark still says 'it's like fucking a bowl of rasberry jam'. Whatever that means. :2T:

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