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its so unfair that halo 1 wont come out for the PC until 3rd quarter 2003. why even bother until then... grrrr.


someone give me a burned copy of deus ex2 allready dammmit

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...that was pretty random, Yahven...

Bob - You know what this game needs? Cel-shading, powerpuff style.

Spiffy - X-box still dont have enough of what i want, im waitin on Sega to push more stuff. Still, your coperative Halo was a blast, i stand corrected. Here's to hopin this sequel adds to that, rather than just milking the license for the holidays.

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i currently have halo, panzerdragoon, splinter cell, wreckless, serious sam, and kung fu chaos. pretty much what i feel is the majority of the good ones for xbox.


I think Halo's the only great game for X-box


shut yo mouth... if you compare any game that spans platforms, it looks and sounds best on the xbox (ddigital is more likely supported on multiplatform games for xbox)

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Bwah! Digital sound or not the gameplay is what makes the bulk of all games.


I played jet set radio and it was only great for only so long. Ghost Reson was a great multiplayer game, but not one of the best among everything. I thought Splinter Cell was pretty good but I dobt any of you even beat it yet, so you can't really fully judge the game. And I thought you didn't like Panzer Dragoon?? I can't say anything about that game cause I haven't played it.


I was trying to say that Halo has to be the only good game that can be considered a classic. Since I don't really know much about Panzer Dragoon, it seemed to look ok, like Zone of Enders.


Getting every System legally is also quite impossible.

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here is what a few people at the 2003 E3 Expo said this week:


Dynamics images weren't allowed to be seen on this forum (I don't know why) but you HAVE to check these out:


God damn, just look at those graphics!


Space Ships?!?!!!



Hardcore Xbox fans went into E3 hungrily awaiting the public unveiling of Halo 2 and left breathless and excited. There were cheers after the demo premiered at the Microsoft press conference on Monday night, and the line for regular showgoers to check it out was lengthy and never let up. The game's blend of integrated cinematics and new forms of gameplay -- both of which build excellently on the core of the original game -- set it leagues beyond every other console FPS on the show floor. While other big games were on video, the Halo 2 demo was actually controlled by a developer from Bungie, assuring us that what we saw is what we'll get


ferricide: Well, as developer Hamilton Chu mentioned in our interview, Bungie is really playing on the strengths of the original game in the sequel. The way they're integrating the cinematic feel into the very fabric of the gameplay is probably what impresses me the most. I hate most cinemas -- they're boring. But I love compelling ones, and not only are the ideas in the Halo 2 cinematics cool, but you don't have to sit around with your controller in your lap to enjoy them. The city in the demo is also cool -- different places to go, different things to do, but only one goal. I'm curious to see what the increased freedom's going to do for the play, though.


hardcore_pawn: When I saw the Halo 2 presentation at Microsoft's Xbox press conference I was pretty much stunned beyond measure. Bungie has taken the game to the next level for sure with improved visuals -- akimbo machineguns anyone? -- and a higher level of immersion over the original title. It was superb to see the guy from Bungie on-stage, actually playing the game for real. Of course, expectations for Halo 2 have been unfeasibly high from the get-go, but I reckon it'll exceed -- especially when you throw in the juicy Xbox Live multiplayer online play mechanics.


Sluggo: I may have attended the best Halo 2 demo of all: Late Friday night, as the E3 show floor was closing down, Bungie had an exclusive showing where they turned down the volume, played through the demo at a much slower pace, and stopped to point out all the cool new things they're packing into the game. They even took requests from the audience! Seeing the demo at full volume was amazing enough, but Bungie proved it wasn't all smoke and mirrors to boot. In my mind, if they can keep up that level of excitement through the entire sequel, Halo 2 is already a leading candidate for 2004's "Game


Fargo: The original Halo was the killer-app for the Xbox. I don't think it's a stretch to say that it almost single-handedly saved the system. Microsoft has the opportunity with Halo 2 to do it all over again, and they're not wasting the chance. This is Bungie's masterpiece, and it shows! I didn't get to see the super-l33t demo Sluggo was invited to, but even when a bunch of us replayed a video of the demo back at the GameSpy war room during the show it drew a crowd of onlookers. THIS is living cinema. We can't wait to get our hands on it!


ferricide: You are correct, sirs. Microsoft hasn't made every right decision when it comes to first-party development on the Xbox -- and who can blame them, as they're first-timers -- but with Halo they have truly and utterly nailed it. Giving Bungie the freedom to work its magic is what has really created this situation -- trusting the developers to create what they will, knowing that they will exceed all expectations. I knew going in that Halo 2 would be a quality title. With the amount of money and time being throwing at it, and the solid basis Bungie started with, there was little question of that. But after speaking with Hamilton and watching the demo, it's clear that they have balanced their desire to implement new ideas with a complete understanding of what sets Halo and Bungie apart from other games and developers. Master Chief may make a lousy mascot character, but he's made Microsoft a lot of fans.

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I was so determined to not bother with the XBox. I thought I could do it. I have my PS2. I have my Cube. I didn't need the box, because it pretty much only had crappy games, anyway. But this...




I think my resolve is gonna crack.

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very nice pics....


since halo 2 isn't going to be around for awhile, i guess i'll temporarly divert this thread into different multiplayer games possible in halo.


one fun one i'm realizing is crazy king. it's always great to scurry to another part of a level and take down anyone that is in the box of death.


ralley is moderately fun, but i guess you should have vehicles in there to spice things up.


oddball should be fun, but i guess more people should play to make it interesting. i only had about 4 people.


rockets is just crazy. might as well take a bag and draw straws as to who's gonna win.

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good point unidentified...


i've read some various things about this game. like the fact anyone can jump in at ANYTIME and play co-op, up to four players. and every character has a specialized skill. almost reminds me of teenage mutant ninja turtles at the arcade, except this time, it's at home and on an fps.


mabye someone could start a new thread about it that's got some further info. :D

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Halo online with our high ping..is like how Quake II was online with a modem, for me. Sure, you can try to aim, you can even give some lead, but the only way youre killin anything is to shoot randomly & hope for the best. ???

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oh, and it really depends on the connection. i've had variance of no lag whatsoever to halo just resetting itself due to lag.


strange thing happened just the other day playing online. i don't know if it's a cheat or what not, but instead of going in and joining a game, i hit y,a,a,a because of some dirty disc problem. mabye it was a code or something for those other guys to cheat- i dunno. anyway, here me and piggy69 were, playing on hang em high with some insane instant death spawn. another strange thing, they didn't have names, but rather 2349nserb0 stuff as player names.


now i swear that we were not anywhere near each other... but even with that crazy respawn thing, we were sniped, one shot and the screen was on both of our dead bodies, circling for a split second. signifying a one hit kill on both of us within a split second. now i know there aint anyone out there that good right?

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What a badass sequel. It looks like its going to be really good. I mean, why fix what isn't broken, right? New weapons, more bad guy types, more vehicle types...


*spoiler* Did you see the part in the trailer where MC's on the new Warthog w/ the railgun on the back instead of the machine gun? That was really good.

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