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Wolverine cover poll


Which Ribic one you like best?  

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With the newly-launched Wolverine series - which i cant hype enough - in full swing, I decided to post this poll to see what anyone else who reads this corner thought was the finest piece.

Painter Esad Ribic has been doing Wolvy covers for the last year or so (on the old series), and i think he's really getting good. While # 1 wasnt my favorite, its hard to take from 2 & 3, and the others arent bad. I think i mostly put this out here to offer backgrounds too, but i'm actually curious, so lemme know which one you like & why. Here goes:


Wolverine # 1




# 2 - this one's lookin to take my vote




# 3 - The hair's a bit much, but damn that bike is badass...




# 4 - out in a few weeks, thank god




# 5 - ...barfight!




Finally, # 6 - cool lookin solo story of him & Nightcrawler at a bar, but where's Kurt's pants...?



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Dammit, why did Marvel take down their October pics...? 'S a cool one, too...ill post it later tonite from another source.


Good pick, but he's not actually tearin it; was readin it till someone came by & shot him up, 's why he's pissy...good vote either way, glad to get some participation!

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SB - sorry, cant find it anywhere online or a good place to host it, so i emailed it to ya man..


Chief - Less super-villians, less X-men - just Wolvy solvin problems, right now its weapon smugglers/kidnappers...its impressive tho, youre lucky if he busts the claws out once an issue at all. No "canucklehead"s, no too-fucking-much-inner-dialouge that makes my boy a chatty kathy, none of that - just great art that expresses what's on his mind, and more interesting plots that dont involve outer space, vampires, Elsie-Dee, etc...its really cool, you can read em off me anytime man.

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Cool - hey Bob could you maybe temp host # 6? Lemme know. Also, did some searching, and here's the original design of # 1, you think its better?




And, here's some from his first go at the old series, some pretty good ones too.


# 182 - beginning of the "Law of the Jungle" mob storyline




# 183 - Road to Perdition M'boy




# 186 - Vs Punisher!




# 187 - Rear-view




# 188 - I dig this one..




# 189 - (had nothing to do with the book, really)



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Yeah, but what's Logan's last name? I kinda like that version of #1 better, only because they got the perspective of the claws to look right. That's the biggest problem I have with the final version of #1. Those claws are just off. That one with the chalkline is friggin' awesome. :D

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"Logan" is his only known name; if ya wanna know more, read Origin, one of Marvel's finest in the last few years, great Worlverine story.

Im with ya on that cover Bob, im wishin this guy made some of his covers into posters, ya know?

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