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Cabin Fever


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Cabin Fever is what Rob Zombie's "House of 1000 corpses" should have been. It's a fun, gross, fucked up B movie full of homages, and obviously directed by a fan of the genre. It's also really rough around the edges and obviously the work of a first timer. But I loved it, because this type of movie has been a fuckin long time comin. B Horror movies aren't fuckin B horror movies anymore. The hot girl never gets naked, the gore is never anything special, and no silly B movie shyould cost $80 million dollars to make. Cabin fever is what most horror flicks should be like.


The set up is easy, some kids go on vacation to a log cabin in the woods, they end up dealing with a flesh eating virus that infects them one by one. Noone knows how it's spread or any early signs of having it, other than your flesh actually falling off. Then of course the paranoia sets in, and you get a good setting for horror where man is the real enemy and all that stuff.


So, it there and the resulting movie is really strange, funny and gross. All of the characters are obvious horror movie archetypes (slutty girl, girl next door, dumb jock, etc) but the actors all do pretty well. It's a pretty odd cast that includes Rider Strong from boy meets world and Cerina Vincent, a former power ranger. They all do a pretty damned good job. A few of the smaller characters are a bit too odd for me, but the main cast is great.


While I thought the movie was more funny and fucked up than anything else, it does have a few good scares in it. Nothing that'll stay with you, but some good jumps. It's sense of humor is pretty unique to say the least. Lots of the jokes revolve around the hicks in the surrounding area of the woods and a little boy with a thing for pancakes. And the gore ranges from funny, cool stuff like a screwdriver going through someones head to some really cringe-inducing moments.


It is a flawed movie tho. But if you've been reading up on it at all, it's been hyped to hell and back! People were calling this fucking thing the next evil dead. That's just retarded. It does have some problems. They probably should have played it straight a bit more because the plot could have been pretty damned tense and scary, but they chose to go for a bit more irony and comedy, which is cool, but developing the serious part of the story a bit more would have made it a bit better. And some of the jokes do fall flat, but it's ok, because later you can see the character who said it die.


Overall, this was a perfect example of what a cool drive-in kind of movie should be. So, if you like the idea of a fucked up, funny B- horror flick, you've probably been waiting to see this movie for a long goddamned time.

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wow, so no one else went to check this one out?

I guess I kinda have an advantage tagging along to see these movies with our resident reviewer. Unfortunately this sometimes includes certain birdmovies(but that's ok cus he paid for that one).

Well Cabin Fever, like most of the ones I take him up on, was a big payoff. It was tons of fun. Alot of EWWw gross!!! and startling hand grabbing moments.

And if that doesn't do it for you the return of Sean Hunter will!

I absolutely agree though that it had a lot of potential to be even better if they had taken it a little more seriously and the characters (yes, especially the minor ones) hadn't been quite so caricature-like.


YEs! once again I just completely agreed with Danny, I can feel the wave of speculations on my lacking a mind of my own coming on as I type this. Oh NO! HEaven forbid I agree with my boyfriend!

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No silly B movie should cost $80 million dollars to make.  Cabin fever is what most horror flicks should be like.

Hell Yeah! I may just check out "Cabin Fever" now. I'm a big fan of horror from the classic (Claude Rains representing for "The Invisible Man") to the should-be-classic (Billy Warlock represnting for "Society") to the down right cheesy (Pamela Springsteen representing for...uh..."Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland"). There hasn't been a whole lotta great horror flicks out in the past while, well except "Jason Vs. Freddy" :D and I wasn't gonna check out "Cabin Fever" until your post convinced me. I'll go later and post what I think!

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Took me years, but i finally saw it...was a pretty good B horror film for not having zombies, vamps etc.


ps in retrospect, it was badass, cause it was the obscure "Rotten Fruit" claymation extras on the disc that got Cap'n to scour that site's message boards, bringing us the lovely Metalheart! Never-you-mind Coley, and through MH, endworld, C&J, PoD, Bobcat etc.

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If ya'll liked "Cabin Fever", I'd recommend a little flick by David Cronenberg (starring James Woods) called Videodrome.


That is...if you can find it at your Blockbuster, which is doubtful. Still, great horror movie, if you're into the over-the-top gore effects.







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David cronenberg is the fucking man, and Videodrone is his masterpeice. The Brood is a prety straight horror movie of his, and it's excellent, I reccomend that one too. Well, I reccommend everything else of his too, Scanners, Naked Lunch, Dead Ringers....


Also i hear his new once "A Brief History of Violence" did well at Cannes.

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