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Peacemaker: Samurai anime


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Well, i know Sango's not around no more, just thought id see - assumin anyone sees this before the movie forum buries it - and has any info on this series i saw a small amount of at my comic shop, "Peacemaker" - its supposed to be new, even in Japan. Samurai stuff, looked very much like Kenshin at parts, which is not at all a bad thing.

Anyone know anything, or seen it? Holla!

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It is the closing time of the chaotic Edo Era (Japan, 1603-1868). In this time, some young people make a breakthrough in this era.


It is the first year of Genji (1864)*, March. A spring where cherry blossoms scatter and dance in the air of Kyoto. A single young man knocks at the door of the headquarters of the Mibu Shinsengumi (the newly established Mibu team). His name was Ichimura Tetsunosuke, aged 15. His personality, as his name suggests, is Teppoudama*


Unlike his height, Tetsunosuke possesses great will power and hopes to join the Shinsengumi to avenge his parents. He is allowed to join the team on the condition that he can win against the talented swordsman Okita Souji*. And so, Tetsunosuke challenges Okita.


"I want to become stronger."


Tetsunosuke, getting back up and fighting back no matter how many times he gets knocked down, earns him the admiration of Kondou Isamu* who allows him to join. However, the "oni"* vice captain, Hijikata Toshizou* refused to let him join saying, "The Shingumi will not have someone joining for vengeance."


One night, Tetsunosuke passes by the place where Okita was hiding and witnesses a ferocious battle. Hijikata leaves Tetsunosuke saying "Joining the Shingumi is just a way of becoming a demon."


Tetsunosuke stood still as he took in the painful reality that he must hold a sword and hurt people to become stronger.


However, in the falling rain, he asks Hijikata with Great Spirit, "I will not be afraid of demons. Make me into a demon." And so, it was how Tetsunosuke got consent from Hijikata to join the Shingumi.


Tetsunosuke faces many dark and cold battles as he worries about and watches over his brother Tatsunosuke who suffers from gastralgia. Together with Souji and the others of the Shingumi, they make a breakthrough in the closing of the Edo Era as an apprentice of Hijikata Toshizou...


*** description and translation for AnimeNfo by Kaworu S. ***


Some interesting notes from Kaworu:

* Teppoudama = someone who does things without consent.

* oni meaning demon. In this case, it means he's mean.

* Some of the main characters in the Shinsengumi and the group itself; Hijikata Touzou, Okita Souji and Kondou Isamu were real people in Japanese History during the Edo Era.

* As you might already know, Japanese also use the name of their current emperor and the year of reign which is "Genji" in this story.

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Been looking for another great samurai anime, Kenshin: Samurai X was great. Blood: The last vampire was too short, and the indecision of where to take the film was reflected onto the story. And Samurai Deep Kio was... well, a wanne be mix of Kenshin X and Trigun.


I'll take a look at this.


-Overly Critical, DT

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