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So, while lookin for the track listing for "The Beautfiul Mixtape", i found this one...


Kanye West: College Dropout 2




Oooh Drama ft Stat Quo (New Shady/Aftermath Artist)

U Know ft White Boy

The Food ft Common

I Gotta ft Jin (Ruff Ryders)

The Ride ft Malik Yusef & Common

Keep the Reciept ft Ol Dirty Bastard

Wack ft Talib Kweli, Common & Consequence

I See now ft Little Brother & Consequence

This Way ft Dilated Peoples

Selfish ft Slum Village

Electric Relaxation ft Consequence

Better than yours ft Common

Hold On remix ft Dwele & Consequence

So Soulful ft Consequence & Khayree

Changing Lanes

Jesus Walks remix ft Mase

Real Love ft Rell & Consequence

Higher ft Do or Die

My way

Out of the game ft John Legend & Consequence


Bonus Track

Confessions Pt 3 ft Usher, Shyne, & JD


then, i find this one..


1 - Hold On feat. Dwele

2 - Wack Niggas 2004 feat. Consequence & Talib Kweli

3 - This Way feat. Dilated Peoples

4 - We Can't Tell 

5 - "The Truth" Freestyle

6 - Lonely People feat. Talib Kweli

7 - "Getting Out The Game" Freestyle

8 - "Overreact" Freestyle w/ Consequence

9 - "Gimme The Light" Freestyle

10 - "Jigga My Nigga" Freestyle

11 - "Love You Better" Freestyle

12 - I Need To Know

13 - Apologize

14 - Arguments feat. Martin Lawrence

15 - Changing Lanes feat. Chops

16 - Damage Is Done feat. Grafh

17 - I Gotta Live feat. Jin

18 - The Way That You Do feat. Carl Thomas

19 - Do What I Gotta Do feat. John Legend

20 - Selfish feat. Slum Village

21 - I Try feat. Talib Kweli

22 - LIVE from Def Poetry Jam (5-29-2003)

23 - All Falls Down feat. Lauryn Hill [original L. Boogie version]

24 - Let's Talk About It feat. Brandy

25 - If I Ain't Got You, part 2


Some funny bootlegs, eh? I gotta look a few of these tracks up...


Also, im tryin to find this 4-disc unofficial Mos Def set i saw in San Fran (for $40...) called "We are hip-hop * you * me * everybody"...so, post about mixtapes and what you hear or recommend here! :D

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Damn, wish i woulda bookmarked it...that one's gonna be hard to find again.


So, my latest mixtapes are:


DJ Premier: Crooklyn Cuts (A-D; tight!)

9th Wonder (of Little Brother): God's Stepson: Nas remixed

DJ Green Lantern: It's just us and the guns


all recommended if youre into the genre.

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..shinoda?! sold.


seriously tho, after "The Champ is here" (his excellent jadakiss mixtape), "its just us & the guns", and that one of the beastie's 4 borroughs (fucka 2T, i liked GL's mix better), i think Green Lantern can do no wrong.

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why would i want to they already ruined jay-z's career i dont wanna hear that small dicked shinobi rapping mindless shit


fuck that i want real hiphop


swear im the only one that's noticed that kanye doesn't know the difference between astrology and astronomy...

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kanye doesnt know the difference between a lot of things, like "sampling" vis "biting" for one, but he can still put out decent music here & there.


shinobi having little dicks, is that from la blue girl or wha? anyway, recommend some mixtapes. I got Mood Muzik 3 and im halfway through, dont know that i like it as much as i did 2 (Dumb out, 3 sides to a story etc were amazing). im in the process of getting some 8 diagrams mixtape, looks mostly like b-sides.

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