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Marvel vs DC

Da Cap'n

Which is YOUR favorite of the two SUPER UNIVERSES?  

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I'm sure this thread has been made before...


I'm sorry, but make mine Marvel!! DC IS WACK!!! Ok, ok, that came out wrong... I'm sorry! DC IS REALLY, REALLY WACK!!!!


I just can't get into those characters!! I brought home Identity Crisis (cause I was curious) and it was well written, but I just really, really can't feel for these characters! Identity Crisis is such a pass at trying to be like Marvel! Man oh man, did I try to give this a go, but I really wouldn't care if I read the next issue! YES, I do like DC's Vertigo line (who doesn't), but regular DC is NOT, and I repeat, NOT for me!!

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Ok, my take:


DC honestly has some more interesting characters, in concept. But that's the problem...i think their guys are too iconic, you know? And their (generalizing here) small, hardcore fan base doesnt allow much room to breathe.


Take Green Lantern...there's no goddamn reason this cant be a cool-ass title each month, but he's got shit villians, and like panch said, i cant be made to care about him. Bats is your wolvy, your deux ex who when used properly, is the sublte badass to the story. I mean, look at the Justice League: theyre achretypes, because they made the mold, but i cant read them as solo titles (similar problem with the x-men, to be fair) and as a group, i often dont feel they have enough character to distinguish who's who outside of the tights, except with mediocre writers like Austen pigeonhole them.


The House of Ideas tries to be more realistic, and comes off grittier; those who enjoy the fantasy part of comics, that break from reality, go for DC, and ive known them largely to be an older crowd who, again, doesnt like the status quo being fucked with (heads are rollin over Identity Crisis, which, admittedly, liked for all the reasons panch didnt...it is rather ultimate-like).


They have their runs: Smith on Green Arrow, Lee on Hush, Marz back on GL, Waid on Flash, etc. And there's gems these days, like Gotham Central, too...but your average DC book wont get my attention. It might be cause i grew up on the Marvel U, granted.


That said....im a whore for the Vertigo imprint. :D :evo:


ps fanboy! you can enjoy books from both sides you know!


pps dont act like dark claw wasnt cool-lookin... :D

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