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Spider-Man Movie Review

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Just walked in the door from seeing Spider-MAn. WOW! That was Awesome. Tobey McGuire was perfect as Peter Parker and as Spidey, Willem Dafoe was spectacular too (although the suit was kind of lame, my only dislike). I though they might triy to do something different witht he origin, but the only changes they made worked very well. I'll be seeing it again no doubt. I am very please, and as excitement as I was, I was skeptical. A few related topic: There was an Incredible Hulk teaser (looked sweet!) and Dophin Mall is selling tickets to Epi2 at 1201am on Thursday (one minute after Wednesday is over). I've got my ticket, I suggest you pick up yours too. I'll post more on the Spidey movie as soon as I have time and have had a few hours to digest it.

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Totally agree.  Tobey McGuire was absolutely perfect.  He genuinly looked surprised and excited as someone would be after discovering they have superpowers.  Just the expressions on his face as he did different stuff was priceless.  One of the best comic book performances I've seen.  Dafoe rocked too, that guy is fuckin crazy, I warmed up to the mask, I just thought it looked dumb when he was talking to Spidey with that thing, but Dafoe was badass, an absolute maniac.  I'd say they portrayed everything pretty well and the changes they made were minor and made sense.  All the action was cool as hell, cg spidey leaping and bounding around, lots of matrix-esque slo-mo used to good effect.  And yeah, that hulk teaser got me pretty excited, can't wait for that one too.


PS Missed ya there though JMT, musta been a billion people with hawian looking shirts on, huge crowd cause of the episode 2 thing too.

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In retrospect, something bothered me about the movie. Peter Parker showed his face to the wrestling guy that wouldn't pay him. He also did the web and superhuman strength and speed thing in school. Don't you think somebody should have picked up on that when Spider-Man came to town? I realized during the movie, but it's bothered me more since. Still a great movie, but that's kind of irking me now.

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Yeah, if artistic was round, he'd fuss bout them deatils plenty: its not as bad as Metropolis citizens with Superman, but yeah, at least those high school kids oughta know who Spiedy is, but if were gonna fuss bout minor elements...where the fuck did the costume come from?

Couple questions i wanna ask ya'll (that bein Junker & Jack, apparently):



1)William Defoe's pretty expressive; would he have faired better on his own without the goofy he-man esque goblin mask?

2)Did Parker shootin web biologically (rather than constructin web shooters) strike you as more comic book-y, or flowed natrually for you?

3)For a while, it was rumored Rami'd use Doc Octopus for the villian, with a great casting call in Lawrence Fishbourne, Matrix glasses an all, presumably.

Would this have been as good/better/worse, ya think?

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1.)  I think the mask woulda been fine if we were allowed to see his mouth move more under it.  If they would have just painted dafoe green it just would have looked fucking goofy.  He did do an incredible job of acting completely insane, best Dr. Jeckyll Mr. Hyde routine I've ever seen.


2.)  I thought the biological web shooting flowed much naturally.  It made for some of teh best moments in the movie, and it's actually a lot less comic booky in my opinion.  "Hmm, uh... well, coincidentally I've been working on this new type of adhesive, gee it sticks to everything, and is strong enough to hold my body but doesn't simply harden, it turns into a sort of.... web.... phew, good thing I got bitten by a spider and not some other creature, cause this web-glue stuff would be useless for a guy named "Dog-man"...


3.)  Nah, green goblin has always been spiderman's first villain, hasn't he?  They would have had to change the story a  lot to make doc oc the bad guy.

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I was gonna post earlier but I've been really busy.  Here's my take.  I saw the movie twice on the same day.  Don't ask why.  But it was still worth the ass load of money to buy the tickets early.  





  I died with the "shazam" comment!  I think I was the only one though...no seemed to get it.  I was so excited about the movie that I was jumping in line at the theaters.  I think I told the whole Ultimate storyline to my sisters so the can get the feel for Peter Parker.

  Dafoe kicked ass.  Hated the mask.  But there were scenes where I jumped out of my seat.  

 Wasn't too sure how I felt about the biological webshooters.  Being somewhat of a scientist myself, I think it'd only really bother the die hard fans.  

   The fight in school was really cool.  Matrix like in a sense.  

   I had a bet going with one of my friends which story arc would this movie come from.  He said more or a flashback old arc.  And I was going with Ultimate all the way.  But I guess it was a mix in the end.  Overall I loved the movie.  And I already got the soundtrack.  Been singing "spiderman, spiderman...does whatever a spider can" all week long.  I know...I'm a dork.  So shoot me.

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Heh...silly kitten.  Glad ya liked it.  On to Junker's tirade of madness:

-Yeah, that's what i meant, i admit a green face paint DeFoe would be odd.

-No, Parker made em after the incident, cmon.  It was supposed to tie into the fact that he's somethin of a genius with chemistry & physics, i still dont see it as any less believable m'self but alright, freaky wrist thing worked.

-Argh...Green Goblin wasnt till much farther into Amazing Spider-Man. Ive never been fond of him bein "Spidey's arch-nemesis" - like Batman, one of Spidey's biggest strengths is his amazing cast of villians; while the sky battles are great, his first real villian (not the thug) was actually Doc Ock, but then either one of em coulda been done.  I just think Fishbourne woulda been one helluva Doc Ock, but i wont knock Defoe -he's a helluva actor, i dont normally like Goblin much but Dan's right, he pulled the Jekly/Hyde thing to a tee.





Ok then, one more question: Im told Rami's a fan of the "unrequited love" idea & all, but who liked/disliked the ending?

Some folks hated it, i for one thought it implied MJ finally figured out who Parker was (by the last kiss & the way she watched him leave), but others say that's not it. What do you think?

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  I think the ending was a fitting one.  It made the most sense.  I didn't catch the MJ figuring out thing til the second time I watched it.  Tim caught it and asked me about it.  I'm hoping she didn't figure out Peter's identity.  Cause in the books she doesn't know till a lot later.  I think that change would kind of ruin the story for me.

  Even being the hopeless romantic that I am....Peter couldn't be with MJ.  It goes with the whole theme of the movie.  Diehard's half sister freaked out about the ending...but felt better when I explained it to her.  


 Were there any other changes to the story that you liked/disliked?  

   What was your favorite moment?

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hmm, as for the ending, I think she doesnt know, but she has a suspicion about it and is probably in denial of it. The look on her face certainly showed she was at least in a great deal of confusion about it. Everyone I saw it with thought it was just crazy that he'd turn her down, so I guess they should have handled it a bit differently if everyone that didn't know exactly what should or shouldnt happen didn't like it.  It worked well enough for me, nice for a change that he's rejecting her... There's one thing that was good about the ending, it really makes you want to see how it's gonna play out in the next movie...

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As much as I'm all for staying true to the original comics, certain things work better for feature length film. The web shooters would have taken away from precise little time in whcih they had to tell both the origin and a story, plus it's alot less believable that he makes the webbing, and it added to the entire element of surpise and discovery of his power which was one of the best elements of the film, and one that McGuire pulled of perfectly (I reiterate...Shazaam!).


As far as having the Green Goblin, like it of not, despite having a great number of cool villians, the Green Golbin really is his arch-nemesis, whether he was the first or not (which he wasn't). His Joker, his Lex Luthor, his Magneto, his, ugh, Mumra (never pass up the oppurtuny to throw in a Thundercats reference :D). Just so you know, Sandman was also on the table for possible villians.


I hope they stay away from the Batman sequel formula where they try to work in 2 villian in one movie (or 3 as in the case of Batman And Robin, where they threw in Bane, a serious and important villian, like he's just a henchman).


I would really like to see an Alien-symbyote and Vemon movie eventually. That would be a perfect example where staying loyal to the books isn't practical for the big screen. The entire Secret Wars story wouldn't work for the movie.


As far as the end, I thought it was obvious that MJ knew after the kiss, but I guess it's plausible she was just suspicious. It was a great ending. Spider-Man wasn't meant to have happy endings where Peter got the girl. It was just like the tone of the books. The entire great power, great responsible sense of sacrifice in his life shined through. It wouldn't have felt right if he coudl be with MJ, marry her, move to the 2-story in suburbia to raise their 2.3 children and a have a dog.


Again, I praise this as one of the best comic-based films ever made.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Well first off the movie was awesome but I do have a some complaints:


First: Web Shooters...I was okay with the whole it comes out of my vain thing...I guess i wasn't expecting it so when i came out of the movie i was like since when does he have wrist "shooters" but whateva...

Second: The wrestler guy shouldn't have seen his face and the that guy that falls on the ground (the one that killed ben) never died in the comic...hello spider-man is a hero guy he's not suppose to let people die...he never kills anyone at least not normal humans the commit crimes or am i wrong...

Third: Green Goblin... lots of things bothered me like ummm where is his mouth..but i do agree that painting him green would have been strange but if you Yoda can move his mouth why can't the Goblin right?? or am i wrong?? and whats with that metal plastic suit thing

Lastly: The ending...I didn't like the way that "harry" said "spider mans going to pay for this" i think that he could have said that line with a little more feeling to make it more realistic but whatever...my major complaint is the part where MJ kissed Parker and Parker was like "all i can offer you is friendship" and he walks away he continues to walk and talk to himself...I think he should have said something different and instead of just walking away he should have wiped her tears or hugged her...I think thing like that are normal right well i'm not a guy but since some of you are guys if the women that you love is crying your just going to look at her and walk away??? He should of have said or it should have been add to his sentance like "all i can offer you right now is friendship...I'm sorry..." or something in that fashion..we all know that at the end he does marry her although I think she dies or disappear or somthing but he does get the girl eventually right??? well for sure he cares about her and thats why he can't be with her but in the future they get together and she finds out the truth.....

I done complaining...


I have a question what do you think will be the next story line/what will happen next???

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Yes, Peter does eventually marry Mary Jane, but I don't think marrying a supermodel adds to the whole 'everyman' angle. Peter Parkers like is supposed to suck and the comic as never as good after he married her. On the topic of the other things you mentioned: The costume was obviously bad, but I could have been worse. The web shooter thign would probably have not worked ont eh big screen an dwasted the preciously little time they had to tell the origin and another story. In the comics, Ben's killer doesn't dies until iss#200. It was something that should have been changed to keep in line with the comics, but I think they made it work for for the character developement (as I've said before, a 2 hour movie is a different animal for the continuing comic series, not everything works as well when translated). the ending was great. I was what being Spider-Man is all about - sacrifice.

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