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My Ongoing Review of Final Fantasy XI


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I was asked to review Final Fantasy XI for some of my fellow barflies, but I couldn't quite get a set list of pros and cons.


So I'm just going to post some random stuff I think about until I feel I finally have something substantial enough to make a guide or faq or book or whatever. BAH! I'm rambling, on to the random... what was I talking about?


You start by creating a character, there are a few choices


Male/Female Hume

Male/Female Elvaan

Male/Female Tarutaru

Galka (neuter)

Mithra (default female)


Then you get to pick your appearance (which you will be stuck with for the rest of your playing days)


Face, Hair, Build (small, medium, large)


After that, you get to choose a name that can only be alphabetical, no numbers, no specioal characters you can press the NumKey + for an autogenerated name fitting the roleplay of your race/gender selection.


If you are a first time user with no friends wanting you on their server, you can just skip the next two fields, but if a friend hooks you up with a password to join their server, you can input the server's name in the next fiend, then you will be prompted for a worldpass number.


Then it checks to see if the name you want is already registered to someone, and if it's not, you get to pick whic nation you want to swear allegiance to.


The Kingdom of San d'Oria

The Federation of Windurst

The Republic of Bastok


You are then treated to a cutscene type of cinematic and get a little orinetation to guide you wherever you want.


goley, that was long, if you are interested in learning more, please reply.


ps. Should I add more pictures or something to liven these up?

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I was in Bastok, and yeah, I went with boring hume warrior lol. female, of course. I am/was on server Sylph, so if you ever see a character named Frailure running around, hollah! (i haven't played in about a month... I wanna start back up again though!)

oh and I was on ps2. yup! very addicting game....

how long has everyone been playing?

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Alright, I'm going to try to upload as many of my pictures to the web as possible to start referring to them from here


1) How much to play?


Well, from level 1-11 you'll be in your hometown, from levels 15-23 you'll be in more dangerous areas, and from that point forward you'll need to get some type of airship pass. You can travel by airship (later levels), chocobo (level 20+ after completing a quest) or warping or teleporting in some way (easiest thing to do is switch to a lower leveled job and just get yourself killed, fastest ticket home)


2) What's the story line like?


oh yeah, there's a lot of storyline that is being expanded upon every month or every few months


The main storyline is seperated by missions, and there is no way you can see the entire story unless you decide to have at least 3 characters, one in each nation.


The first chunk of storyline is nation-specific, not much, just little bits and pices that make you go "Oh, that's what was going on" later on.


There is also a little bit of side story that comes when you complete some quests for the townsfolk, and as you complete more and more quests (some have level requirements) your fame rises among the townsfolk, so the merchants start giving you a bit of discount on their items and they start paying you more money for the crap you decide to sell to them.


3) PS2 or PC?


It's good for PC or PS2, PS2 is fine out of the box to play it, it just doesn't look too pretty and you can't really mod anything out of the box with the PS2 version,.


with PC, you can meet the minimum requirements, but once you get to the point where you have to group with other people, and your performance affects them, you might want to upgrade to recommended requirements.


Here's a downloadable benchmark to see how FFXI will perform on your PC


That's all for now...

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Minimum System Requirements



Intel® Pentium®III 800Mhz or faster processor


Graphics Card:

NVIDIA® GeForce™ series graphics processing unit with 32MB or ATI® RADEON™ 9000 series graphics card


:D i run a p 733 with a voodoo 3...looks like this one'd be either PS2 for me or nothin at all.

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I'm actually running an Intel Celeron 1.72Ghz with NVIDEA GeForce FX 5200 with 128 MB on my AGP 4x, running 1 512 PC400 DDR SDRAM, and it works fine, using DSL now, but when I was using DialUp there weren't any big issues in the lag department at all, just took me an extra second for the area transition.


More to come...

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