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American Movie Poll

Which of these 'American' movies is your favorite?  

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Yes, I left out American Flyers, but only because Costner fever is at an all time high and I don't want the other fine film to face that unfair competition. And I left American Gigolo off too, cause it's ass. Fact is I left alot off. Anyway, I'm expecting the vote to be split between Beauty and Splendor.

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Well, I've given it some thought, and while I think I like American Beauty a little bit more than American Splendor, American Beauty won the Best Picture oscar (and in a year with dozens of worthy rivals, it honestly deserved it), and American Splendor was robbed like no movie I've seen in my lifetime. Yes, ROTK was going to win Best Picture no matter what, but Splendor got only ONE nomination (Best Adapted Screenplay) and could even win that. So, for the sake of justice, I'm voting for Splendor.

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