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The Godfather: The Game

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SO EA is working on a console, GTA-style game based on the original Godfather movie. No, I'm serious, they are. The Godfather the videogame is set to be released late this year. It features the voices of James Caan and Robert Duvall (really) and Marlon Brando even recorded dialogue before his death (really!). You play as a low-level thug (imagine that) who works his way up through the Corleone family in the 40s and 50s, interacting with characters from the classic movie.


Of course, the first thing I thought when I heard this was "what blasphemy! How could they take one of the greatest movies of all time and turn it into a fucking videogame! How dare they!"


Then the second thing I thought was, "well...I can't wait to play it."


And damn does it look good:























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That first shot looks like some hot shit, but I won't belive it untill I see video.


Yeah the first shot obviously isn't rendered in-game, but it doesn't look too far-fetched for a cinematic. I've seen some video of an in-game cinematic. Even at this still relatively rough stage, it's very impressive.

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No, Pacino isn't involved. I don't know if it's because he didn't want to be, or if they didn't even ask since the game's storyline seems to take place (from what I can tell) mostly during Michael's exile in Sicily. Plus the hood-who-works-his-way-up-through-the-family storyline of the game kinda mirrors in some ways Michael's storyline in the first film. Still, even if Pacino did flat-out refuse to appear, the involvement of Duvall, Caan and freakin' Marlon Brando seem almost enough to make up for it.


I'm a little wary about Brando's involvement, though. Brando was an incredible actor when he played Don Corleone, but he ceased to be an incredible actor long before he recorded the dialogue for this game. I just hope Don Corleone isn't saddled with a terrible voice performance throughout the whole game, just because EA wanted the authenticity of having Brando's name in the credits.


By the way, the official trailer (composed completely of near-finish game footage) can be streamed for free in a low quality version from Gamespot, here.

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