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if its not too late to swap it for an ip[od, I highly suggest it.


But NetMD been around for the past 4 years. Try to uninstall the device from your device manager and installing the supporting software.


If no supporting software came iwth it and theres none availible online, basically try plugging it in with your media playing software and see if you can manage to transfer music to a device and see if it appeasrs on the device listings.


But as I mentioned before, if you can, swap, pork and be merry

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sometimes when a device like that wont be recognized or sync'd it helps to click the little reset button. But be careful because sometimes that can erase all the info of the unit. But what DT said is first. Erase the USB device listed in your Device Manager Control Panel > System > Hardware Tab. find the device in that list (prolly under USB devices or something) and uninstall it. Install some software for the NetMD without the device connected. Restart. Plug in the device. If it doesn't register then you'll have to install some drivers which could be on the same CD with the NetMD software on it. Connect again, pray to your God.

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