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"I hope you can see this, because I'm doing it as hard as I can."


This thread is for the chosen few, prepared to pay homage to our betters, on the moon. Feel free to talk about their awesomeness, and post quotes.


Ignignokt: This is the screw of damnation...We found it behind the armoir.

Err: Of despair


We're going to sodomize our vast imaginations with this pornography.


Ignignokt: No one can defeat the Quad Laser.

Err: Jumping is useless.


observre, err. The digital nards.  The principal will resent his nards being presented in such a crude manner.

Err: That's not a school you're painitng on, that's a damn rock.

Ignignokt: ....

Err: I like to rock.

I will rock your faaace!

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Hahaha...damn cool.




Some of my favorites from season 4, "Remooned"


Ignignokt: Boy, it feels good to stretch my legs.

I haven't bitch-slapped someone since twoson.

Err: Bend over, slave!

Ignignokt: Prepare for a pride-obliterating bitch-slap.

Master Shake: Alright! Who's gonna *SLAP*

...dammit! the hell's your problem?!


Carl: how bout we do, going rate...uh...6%.

Err: What the...!

Carl: 'Ey, that's how they do it at the frickin docks.

Err: Fuck that man, here's comes the pain!


Ignignokt: Observe our penisula of masculinity!

Err: Love it!

Ignignokt: Observe the digital dong!

Err: Check it out!

Ignignokt: That's right, I'm male!

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Sounds good, i gotta go by Best Buy & get some blank DVD's today or tormorrow anyway.


Err: You all have any eggs? 'Cause I'm totally gonna mess someone's house up!

Ignignokt: Yes, eggs or pot, either one.


Ignignokt - Getting it is easy... filling it with illegal substances and sending it across the border is not.


Ignignokt: Where should I place this wet, primitive earth towel?

Frylock: Dont you put that towel on my computer.

Err: I'm gonna!


Ignignokt: I'm Cliff, and that's not a bill.  Tell him, Err.

Err: That's a bill.

Ignignokt: A bi...Why the hell are we trying to cash a radioactive bill, Err?

Err: Hell, i dont know. It's your uncle.

Ignignokt: It is my uncle. Don't you forget it.

Err: On the way down, I kept sayin', "this is a bill". Just figured you knew something I didn't.

Ignignokt: I did know something I didn't.  But it wasnt that.


And, in closing, random Err quotes of memory:

"Sadness is for poor people!"


"Man, that pool is bitchin."


"Weve got 2 forms of ID *flips both birds* suck them both!"

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Oh, im pretty sure theyre funny too, but not as funny as single-bit thugs from the moon.


MetalHeart m'love, keep em comin! I added the avatar to our board, wish i could find more. I did see these shirts tho:





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For the millionth time, this is totally my voicemail message:

Ignignokt: We are the Mooninites and we have enslaved your dumb friend.

Err: Hahah! We wiped the smile right off his face.

Ignignokt: More like cut, Err.

Err: His stupid face! His face is stupid!

Ignignokt: So leave your name and number, and we will come for you.

Err: And we're coming drunk!

Ignignokt: In the night.

Err: Sweatin' beer!

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