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You gotta hand it to indie director Gus Van Sant: at least he's never boring! The man behind such films as DRUGSTORE COWBOY, MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO, GOOD WILL HUNTING (don't ask) and the shot-for-shot remake of PSYCHO is back with yet another kooky project, this one about a Seattle-based band whose frontman decides to kill himself in his house one day. Said frontman looks exactly like Kurt Cobain of NIRVANA, dresses like him as well, but apparently the film is not about him, specifically.


Some pictures NOT of Kurt Cobain


This project still boggles the mind...what the fuck is VanSant playing at here.....

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Y'think maybe they ran into some kind of legal trouble and couldn't use the name? It's not unprecedented.

Its just like all of those movies that were made in Asia about the "hello kitty" murder a while back. Two DVDs popped up a few months after the case was opened, called "Human Porkchop" and "There is a Secret in my Soup." Yeah, and those weren't about the hello kitty murders, either.


"Sometimes, when there was nothing on the telly, they would string up Ah Map with electrical wire, hang her from a hook on the ceiling and beat her with iron bars."

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