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Oasis - Don't Believe The Truth - NEW ALBUM

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1. Turn Up the Sun *

2. Mucky Fingers

3. Lyla *

4. Love Like a Bomb *

5. The Importance of Being Idle *

6. The Meaning of Soul

7. Guess God Thinks I’m Abel *

8. Part of the Queue

9. Keep the Dream Alive *

10. A Bell Will Ring

11. Let There Be Love *


Songs with a * next to them are my faves on the album.


Amazon Says


Amazon.co.uk Review

This Limited Edition version comes with a bonus DVD and is specially packaged in a hard-back cardboard book. Oasis have been accused of losing it and recovering it more times than any sane mind should rightfully remember, but whatever trajectory their controversial discography takes from here, Don’t Believe The Truth should come out looking like a rather proud success. Partly, it’s because Liam and Noel sound on such rude form: the younger, fronting with some of the old menace and successfully channelling his rather simplistic songwriting impulses on the lightly trippy, shaker-ridden "Guess God Thinks I’m Abel"; the elder playing some of his more devious tricks, imagining The Beatles’ Revolver played by a Mariachi band on "The Importance Of Being Idle", and doffing a cap to late-period Velvet Underground on "Mucky Fingers".

Partly, though, it’s because Oasis sound like they’re functioning less like a not-so-benevolent dictatorship and more like a real band again. With only five songs written by Noel, contributions from Liam, guitarist Gem Archer and bassist Andy Bell have space to spread their wings a little: in particular, Bell’s "Turn Up The Sun" – a gargantuan opener that sees Liam deliver one of his best opening lines to date ("I carry the madness/ Everywhere I go") – proves mighty testament to Oasis’ new democratic bent. --Louis Pattison


I recommend this album!


If they're near you stateside this summer go seem them!


I'm going on 16th July to see them and i cant wait!

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ill be honest...i think i got a track or two you mentioned in the past, but beyond "D'yer wanna be a spaceman" i havent really listend to much of them since "Whats the story morning glory?"....but i like your music taste & calls, so how does this album stack up to that one?

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I'd rate it slightly less than whats the story, outta their albums so far, its their 3rd best effort imo


1 Definately Maybe


3 Dont Believe The Truth

4 Heathen Chemistry

5 Be Here Now

6 Standing on the Shoulders of Giants


You should give it a listen, its very different to what youd expect of oasis, esp that first track "turn up the sun" its awesome!


Its not like you're gonna pay for it anyway!! :D IF you want, i can burn you a copy!

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Layla, the first single from that album made me want to tear my eyes out it was so incredibly bad.


So the new single, The Importance of Being Idle realy suprised me, it's actualy quite good and not what you'd expect from Oasis at all.

I'll probably try downloading the album later on.

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I know you yankie kids ain't mad on them


Since that last comment, i believe that Oasis' ticket sales are quite strong stateside this time round, they've sold out the square garden, in under an hour, dunno if thats a big thing, but it must be if Oasis sold out somewhere over there.


Although Noel has said that even though the tour is going well, something normally happens to mess it up, like in germany a couple of years ago when liam got his teeth kicked out in a bar... Noel attributes the american mess ups to "when liam sees the cacti he just freaks out!?" rational as usual,,,


I will post a review and some pictures later on.


Jont, i agree with what you're saying, its very different to what you'd expect, i think thats why its quite a good album, its very different to what they'd offered before. DL it now! :D

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