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  1. this place needs some more metalheartness, so in her absence i'm gonna supply the <<<<<<<<<<<33333333333333 till she returns
  2. <<<<<<<<<<33333333333333333
  3. Nanno

    come back jonty!!!!!

  4. hello my lovely fellow irishman, are you alive???

  5. You're like flat coke honey, nobody gives a flying toot about you except me
  6. plus its the worst pic of you EVER meant is the nicest possible way of course
  7. the portrait is gettin' along good, i'm hopin' to get it finished on my time off over the christmas period. hope ye'll like it

  8. hey you, how goes the portrait?

  9. might just have to hold you to that one,
  10. omg dear, when are you able to come over and make these drinks for us????
  11. i wanna steal your avatar :)

  12. planned out your FL trip yet dear?

  13. wow, that cake sounds yummy I've made the zero points soup a few times and its delish
  14. How's the new addition boogie, hope all's well

  15. i don't like colin farrell or bono, and i've no idea who the other dude is
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