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So yeah, i think Bishop or someone recommended this...im 2 episodes in, and the highlights have been a cat eating a girl's hand, and a retard volleyball game. Its funny shit, for odd chibi schoolgirls devoid of sexuality, and i found a good fansub, too.


Anyone else seen this one?



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This seris is worth watchin just for its vicous cats. You almost feel bad for Sasaki.




From Wikipedia, a far better review:


Azumanga Daioh (あずまんが大王 Azumanga Daiō) is a manga by Kiyohiko Azuma that was made into an anime in 2002. The anime is published in English by ADV Films, which aired from April 4-September 30, 2002. The series had 26 episodes, "The Very Short Azumanga Daioh Movie" (which is a 6 minute trailer to promote the show, also known as an episode 00), Azumanga Web Daioh, and 6 volumes of videos released on VHS and DVD. The manga is published in English by ADV Manga, and the soundtrack is published by Geneon.


The manga consists of four panel comic strips which were published in the magazine Dengeki Daioh. While Westerners are used to this and similar formats, known as yonkoma in Japan, a full-length manga series being composed of them is almost unheard of. The anime was broadcast in five-minute segments every weekday, and as a 25-minute compilation each weekend. Thus there are 130 five-minute episodes which can also be seen as 26 25-minute episodes.


Both the manga and the anime follow the trials and triumphs of everyday life in a Japanese high school. Six schoolgirls and two teachers make up the main cast alongside a few secondary characters, including a creepy male teacher and another girl in the same grade who seems to have a crush on Sakaki, the most distant of the main characters. The readers and/or viewers follow Sakaki's obsession with neighborhood cats, Chiyo's struggle to find acceptance in an age group far above her own, and Yomi's patience with a rather silly best friend. They get to see yearly accounts of summer vacation, holidays, tests, and athletic events. Although it generally follows everyday life, this series is occasionally marked by bursts of surrealism and absurdity, such as a regular feature showing the characters' New Year's dreams.


Four of the girls made it into Newtype Magazine's top 100 anime heroines of 2002: Osaka came 7th, Chiyo-chan 11th, Sakaki 21st, and Yomi 78th. Together they made Azumanga Daioh the joint 2nd most popular series of 2002 for female characters.


The title directly translates to "Great King Azumanga" which is short for "Azuma's manga for Dengeki Daiou magazine" and is simply a portmanteau that includes the title of the magazine it was published in and the name of the artist.


Although the series has a cast of cute girls and an obvious lack of men for the most part, it is not considered a shoujo series.


Their character breakdown's pretty solid too, but it spoils a wee bit.

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Yeah that was me, I love this show to death it's one of the funniest anime in history. Best part has got to be the heaping wads of violence humped upon Chiyo-chan, well, that and her reaction to the Yukari-mobile. "RUN GRANDPA!!!!! RUN!!!!!!!!!"


One of the best series in a long while, and hey I got most it for like 12 bucks a dvd.

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haha...yeah. i just got through the baka squad one earlier today....i love how Osaka is unlike everything ive heard/seen of actually Osakans. That, and Sasaki gettin jumped by strays.

Oh, and the english teacher-guy crying over not getting his students in swimsuits was class, too.

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Last episode is great, that's what I love about the series it just has so much dman heart to it. Moreso than a lot of stuff I have seen recently. Also for those who haven't seen this yet or are looking to pick it up AD Vision has the whole series for 69.99 which is pretty damn cheap for an anime that is this good.

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i don't like it. It's boring and the humor is toooooooo slow and cutesy it almost drives me insane. Although I have to admit it some parts here and there do make me laugh...

For the past two years now (since Nick gave it to me on our second/third date back in 2005) I haven't been able to pass episode 7...


Sorry. :sad:


oh but I do like the teacher, she's great.

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