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Stop credit card & insurance calls


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im sure this is already a thread somewhere, but just in case...


WhoDey, Kara & some others have commented about receiving a large number of unwanted phone calls for credit card offers, insurance/mortgage shit (always funny when you live in an apartment), etc. Here's one way to get a number of them to stop:


Opt out from the major creditor lists online, or call 1-888-567-8688.

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also make sure to ask them to take you off thier calling list. Make sure they ask you for your phone number (they use this to enter your number in a no-call database). If they just 'uh-huh' w/o verifying your number they are prob not entering it into the d.base. More than likely they don't have your number considering they have automated dialers (thank your friends at avaya for the technology)

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