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Chuck Norris

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Also, will the kids on World of Warcraft chat ever shut up about you? They're makin' you look bad.

There will soon be a world event on World of Warcraft in which all noobs will be simultaneously roundhouse kicked in the face. Twice.


Not that that's hard.

the exception is you will be first :pimp:


Is it true that the ONLY person in the world you are afraid of is GEORGE ZIMMER of the Men's Warehouse?

No. I quickly put an end to that misnomer personally. He no longer likes the way he looks. I guarantee it.

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Zimmer has the better beard... in my opinion. If your aching bones can make it high enough to do a kick to the face anymore ya old bastard.. then bring it on. How does it feel to be born in 1940... yea 1940!!



so what the effe made you feel that singing your theme song in walker for the last few seasons it aired... was a good idea?

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