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Hey, saw this in an EMS/First Responder thing, thought id share it cause its a good idea in an emergency, though I think the contact should be someone who knows or has access to info like your blood type, allergies, medications etc.


ICE Your Cellphone!


"..Chances are within the last week you've received at least one e-mail about putting ICE -- In Case of Emergency -- in your mobile phone address book. This idea did not come about from the recent bombings in London, as some e-mails stated, but rather from a paramedic in England who had the idea last year...


According to the East Anglian Ambulance Web site, Paramedic Bob Brotchie, a clinical team leader for the East Anglian Ambulance National Health Services Trust, created the idea to help get emergency contact information from injured victims. As most people who carry mobile phones rarely have emergency contact information, Brotchie suggested that individuals add the entry "ICE" with the phone number of the person to contact. While many people have "Mom" and "Dad" listed in their mobile phones, they're not always the people to contact in case of an emergency.


Entering an ICE#1, ICE#2, etc., would give emergency workers more numbers to try in the event one contact was not available or if a number was changed or disconnected.


Technology has changed the mobility of society. Few new wallets include the old-fashioned "in case of emergency" cards, and many men carry just a money clip.


A couple years ago, one of my friends was returning home when his car slid off the road and into a ditch. He was conscious but while waiting for help to arrive he realized that if he had been unconscious emergency workers would have had no contact information. Because he was single, no one else lived in his house, and his daughters lived in another state. Any medical history would be delayed considerably. After that accident, he made a point of carrying a few friends' cards with "emergency contact" written on them. He also exchanged emergency contact information for his daughters with his neighbors and took info on their grown kids.


Until we have data chips installed under our skin or responders can get medical histories from transmitting fingerprint data, the ICE idea is one simple way to help emergency responders save lives.."

Excerpt: Janet Wilmoth, "ICE for Emergency Responders" Fire Chief Magazine

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I never even thought about this.

I'm going to definately put some ICE numbers in my phone, and wallet.


There is a similar thing on Livejouronal where you can make a Friend-Locked post with all over your information in case of emergency. I'll look up mor einformation on it and post it here.

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