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Ive been thinking, us hondonians that are into comics (all 5 of us), should give awards to our favorite book, creator, etc. No doubt 2T wants to highlight dark Speedball & the like, i mainly just wanted a corner to call who i thought'd be my favorite creators of the year.


Every year, i try to find an up & coming writer or two (or, at least, someone that ive recently discovered, regardless of how long theyve been in the industry), and some years ive made some good calls. if you look back in this forum, i went with Strazinski in '01, and it was a great year for a lotta people. At the time, he was reviving Amazing Spider-Man, and his own books, Rising Stars and Midnight Nation were some of the best reads i had going at the time. But 2T or someone pointed out that i went with him over Bendis - id found Bendis on an image issue of Jinx, and was a big fan of his dialogue, thought he was a great pick for Ultiamte Spider-Man but i wasnt reading Daredevil yet, sadly, and i had no idea he'd be as prolific as he's become.


Last year i went with Kirkman (for Walking Dead and Invincible, his 2099 stuff went alright, and Marvel Team-Up was hit or miss, and hey, he broguht back Battle Pope) and Brian K. Vaughan (for Y: The Last Man, Ex Machina & Runaways), and i stand by them as good choices.


This year's IC creators of the year first-draft picks are:


-Ed Brubaker: in a bold move to scorn comic-buyin' Skeeter... - He's already closed out on Gotham Central, as well as Winter Soldier, he's halfway through Deadly Genesis (these stories are all golden, by the way, dont listen to the disenfranchised aussies), and he's only 2 issues into Daredevil and its Marvel's best book out right now.


- Brian Wood: This is my "he's not new but im new to his shit" one, cause i missed out on Channel Zero till recently (thanks panch!), all i read last year was his mutant teen short stories on Demo, and ive since been catching up on Local, Supermarket & DMZ.

He's got a great sense of charcterization & human moments, with social/political observations from the plots. Channel Zero is heavly post 9-11, DMZ is a more current look at an alternate america, and Supermarket's got elements of it, while turning into an action movie. He's showing diversity, and i cant wait till DMZ is in trade.


Also, Daredevil is staying my pick for mainstream book of the year. Pick your ponies!

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waah waaaaaah i didnt like how Winter Soldier ended cause of Marvel editors! waaaaaaaaah i dont like x-books that arent cleremont and dont begin with "x-treme"!

i cant wait till you read Daredevil one day, so you can come back here and apologize to Mr. Brubaker.


let's see your picks, boyo.

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BKV - Runaways, Ex Machina, Y...three books I read religiously.



Alex Maleev. Always class.



Young Avengers.


Graphic Novel

The Quitter - IC ya gotta check that one out. Dunno if you've read any AS before. The Quitter is fucking heart-breaking.




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Nah, 2T, tell me bout the Quitter, not familiar with it.


Drifter - that's a good pick, he's got some good ones this year, between Nextwave, Fell, Ultimate Extinction and the like. I just read Global Frequency and saw the TV pilot (courtesy of Jont), that was cool too. I'm in the process of reading Ministry of Space and his Authority work, and im a fan of his outside writings, like Come in Alone - he's got a lot of good shit to say about the industry.


I'm a fan because he can come to a mainstrream book like Wolverine and do an arc that's better than a year or so of shit before and after it, and then he can churn out a few indie mini-series on the side of his own Vertigo series, Transmetropolitan, which im assuming made you a fan of his. Its like the guy can not only handle the workload like a pro, he's versatile as fuck, though i think his best shit is sci-fi or political in nature. Again, good pick.

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  • 4 years later...

still proud of my choices, JZA. gonna have to find your dirt elsewhere.


was thinking about this recently, and hands down, my favorite writer this year was Jonathan Hickman. i've been saying how happy ive been with marvel doing pulp/genre stuff again (kung-fu in DD & Iron Fist, cosmic stuff galore, etc) but Hickman took spy-marvel, one of my favorite corners that'd been basically left to die for quite some time...and since taking the helm for Secret Warriors, it's been one of my top marvel books, just so much fun with Fury & his PMCs playing GI Joe espionage shit all over the place. also, did anyone read this month's issue?

just in case you forgot: Fury is fucking hardcore. "...do i look like her?"



Comic critics have been calling S.H.I.E.L.D. one of the year's best new series as well, and he even got me reading Fantastic Four again after swearing it off for like the 10th time. i have yet to read anything with the dude's name on it that i didn't really enjoy, he's brought a fresh an unique look to a lot of marvel's older/tired ideas.

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Heh. Right up to 'Halfway through Xmen Deadly Genesis' I thought this was a thread you'd just created, and I can barely remember that short period in which I was hating on Bru(which in fairness was more your fault than his). I gotta start reading more comics. I believe it's going to be my NY resolution in conjunction with getting a proper PC with a nice big screen.

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