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Ey, it's classic stuff.

Original at it's finest!


I do remember a great comeback my mate had to some Man U ranting I gave him once. He said to me

'' I do recall an Abba hit..... Money, money money... ''

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great job in the fa cup final... not to mention selling off all your best players in recent years.....

let me think now.... list time



Cole (joe variety)...

Ferdinand (rio variety)...

Di Canio...



(ie your best players in recent times)


on a side note, you do want to sign the ever talented matthew upson and lee bowyer.....


great manager you guys have.....

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All those great players still led to relegation dick-breath.


I'm happier with the team now than I was before they went down. Marlon Harewood was one of last seasons top goal scorers and our youth developing is second to none.


Yeah it sucked going down but I stuck with them through and through and it was all worth it. Finishing in the top half of the table and getting to the Cup final with an unexperienced in the top flight squad? Yeah, I broken on the inside.


Glad to see you're an Arsenal fan, although you exude the stench of one that once wore the red of Man U. Maybe next season you can support Chelsea, Pubert.

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bad management moreso led to relegation, that and not knowing how to use the resources they had, and ive always been an arsenal fan... its somewhat of a religion my uncle beat into me from a young age....


i do like west ham, its just fun to take the piss, after arsenal, they are the nicest team on any given day to watch...


harewood and benayoun are class players, and ashton will develop into another class player... and then youve reo-coker in midfield who is just a dynamo and has the higest work rate of any player ive seen in a while....


only thing you need to sort is a goalkeeper.... hislop is past it and walker nor carrol were never there

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on a complete side note, this....



Dear The Division of Joy,


I wonder if you're bitter as no one in the real world ever pays attention to poor little you. You want I should offer you a shoulder to cry on?


Fuck you. How's that?


I can see your little introverted self sitting alone by candle-light, door locked so mommy can't bust in on you leering over your "Tool Box" magazines, frothing at the mouth waiting to shoot your load over the man holding his erect penis on page 42. I'm sure you lick it up off the pages when you're finished. You door seem like the self-loathing type of fag. Then again, is that a punishment? Seems more like a pleasure for you.


Thank goodness you can use the anomimity of the internet to become DIVISION OF JOY: SUPERMAN. Say what you want when you want! They'll never know that you are really just an unemployed loser who's chances of getting laid are planted firmly somewhere between slim and none. As much chance of getting laid as a bear's head. Then again, bear's heads are known for getting stuffed. Maybe there is hope for you after all. I know that's what you're really after. Your dream of farting (someone else's) come could be right around the corner if you play your cards right.


If you come to be a cock-sucker don't come at all. Alls you do is talk smack and when ever a rebuttal is placed you are always quick with a "well your (sic) a dick". Well played. I'm really sick of you being a prick stain to some of the folks on here.


Oh, and the MasterBaytor jokes. Ha-fucking-ha. You are as humourous as child-rape.


I am glad that your faggy avatar is hard to spot however, as it is easy to skip past your inane three line posts and random insults due to your insecurities (out survey says....SMALL COCK! THE TOP ANSWER!!!)


In summation, I hope you die of AIDS,


Lots of love,




politely worded letter just shows youve feck all else to do online than try shit on someome, try find someone who has thinner skin than me dude, either way i dont think i could give any less of a shit what you think

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