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For those of you who go to FIU, you know the Bells that chime on the hour and between regular class period are all different songs. I don't pay them too much attention, but when I do I usually can't place them. I know I've heard The Beatles 'From Me To You' and 'Something' and Simon & Garfunkel's 'Sounds Of Silence'. Anyone else placed any of them?

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So far we have Beatles and S&F tunes. I'd like to hear "Happy Together" by the Turtles. I got second place in a karaoke competition once singing that song. Whoa, I just though about what Misirlou or Wipeout would sound like on the Bell Tower :0 ! Crazy! Or Flight of the Bumblebee! Or maybe Helter Skelter or Revolvution! Or....

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I make out some classical stuff too...can't place them with a name though.  And where is all that damn bell music coming from?  Since we don't got an actual bell.  The speakers gotta be connected to someplace on campus right?   :D

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Heard "We've Only Just Begun" by teh Carpenters today.


Why do birds suddenly appear...everytime...you are near...just like me...they long to be....


Still reminds me of There's Something About Mary's zipper scene. Good Stuff.

the song is "close to you"


we've only just begun is a completely different song..


slippin in your old age aren't ya jacks


maybe you should attend more blink 182 concerts like me and bring back that youthful feeling

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