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Ok, so I considered putting this in the Funny Flash Finds thread, but these aren't technically flash, and it/they really deserve a thread of it's own! I'm going to go through and post some of my favorites, and everyone else should, too! Has anyone ever made one or two or a hundred? Cj and I made an account but never made any :( I'll be getting around to it soon enough though ha.


While I'm searching for some funny ones, I'll leave you with a torrent of the most popular songs used on YTMNDs. I'm not sure who compiled them, but hooray!


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The Chris Farley ones crack me up so bad!


But batman PWNS




And Poketrainer batman!



And this is how you nip an emo kid in the bud



Ever wondered what would happen if Captain Picard and Batman went head to head? Obviously someone else did too!




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