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Ok, so Ive been thinking of opening this thread but since I haven't pics of the place I was not sure... But what the hell.

Here (turku, Finland), there's a place called Cosmic Comic Cafe. As the name indicates it's a cafe/bar where there are comics everywhere. It's full of old ones, new ones and HC's. Basically the idea it's to go to have something to drink and meanwhile read a comic. Or simply speak/discuss about your favourite ones, runs, writers, untill you are royally drunk... In the walls there are pretty cool posters of all kind of stuff (Including movies).

This place it's one of my favourites whe I go out with my mates...

Now that I think about it, this place could never work in Buenos Aires. Everyone would steal all the comics in a couple of days...


I promise to take pictures of the place, the next time I go.

Is there something alike where any of you lives?

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