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Rescue Dawn

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I've got no time to talk about how fucking great this movie was, but if it's playing anywhere near you, run, don't walk, cause I don't think it's getting a very wide release.


If you need any more convincing, look up Werner Herzog, watch, anything of his you can find, (grizzly man is pretty available) and be convinced that you need to see this in theaters.

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Little Dieter needs to fly is great. It's really interesting to have a documentary and narrative film about the same story by the same filmmaker. Is this the first occurrence of something like that? Herzog is definitely the perfect director to give us something like this.

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I was going to mention that, but ghosts of the Abyss is not a documentary about Jack and Rose, as little dieter needs to fly and rescue dawn are about Dieter Dengler. Actually Ghosts of the Abyss is more of a documentary about James Cameron and co's methods of searching the wreckage of the titanic, and less a documentary about the event itself.

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