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the greatest moment in sports history

alive she cried

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well most noone seems to like baseball (that are my friends anyways) but here is my pick on greatest moment in sports history.


Cal Ripken Jr. breaking the consecutive games streak and accomplishing being inducted to the Hall of Fame in 2007 (only 1 of 2 players to be accepted in their first year of eligibility that year), 2 MVP awards, Rookie of the Year award, 2 Golden Gloves, errorless streak at short stop recond holder, most home runs by a short stop record holder, most all star game appearences by a short stop record holder, and of course, the consecutive games played record holder. No active player is on track to break this record. Some said he was losing his touch so why did he play so long??? well he hit a home run the game he tied the record, and gasp, hit a home run the very next game in which he broke the streak record.


Tribute with some stats on it, and good music


Cal's last game at Yankee Stadium. Standing ovation for him, at Yankee stadium (who hates the orioles) Now that is respect!


Energizer Bunny humor

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This has got to be one of the best moments of Soccer ever! The goalie for the Colombia team kicks the ball out onto the field, and all the way to the goal, and the goalie for the Polish team can't stop it!


Goalie makes a goal:

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